Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson

#160, (May 1872-1930)
FatherDonald Nicholson (6 Jun 1834-24 May 1924)
MotherEuphemia Scott Gibb (c 1839-25 May 1915)
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Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson as a youth
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Charles was born in May 1872 at Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester. Interestingly, the infant's name 'Charles Leigh Clare' is the same as Donald's employer 6 years later (Charles Leigh Clare & Co.) Was Donald repaying a debt of gratitude?.1,2,3 He was the son of Donald Nicholson and Euphemia Scott Gibb. Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson was baptized at Congregational church in June 1872 at Old Trafford, Lancashire.4 Charles may have been named for his father's employers, a company of merchants named Messrs. Chas. Leigh Clare and Co. Charles Leigh Clare himself was a prison reformer and judge.5,6

He presumably lived with his parents at Plumley, Cheshire, in June 1878.7

He was recorded as living with his parents, a servant and his siblings Donald, Angus, George and Lily in the 1881 census at Plumley Moor, Plumley, Cheshire. He was recorded as being 9 years old. Donald was actually his step-brother, the son of his father and his father's first wife.3 His occupation was recorded as being a scholar in the census.3 Charles arrived at Melbourne on 4 February 1884 with his family. The voyage took a long 89 days. It is reported that the ship was popular, and the passengers had an agreeable time at sea.8,9,2

The Nicholsons were granted 90 acres of land at Tasmania on April 1884.10 He was a sharebroker and commission agent in 1906.11 He was the the manager of the Bischoff-Taylor Tin Prospecting Association, a company with a then capitalisation of £3,000 in July 1906 at Queenstown, Tasmania.12

He married Louise Augusta Fooks, daughter of Henry Samuel Cox Fooks and Jane Maria Murray, in a Church of England ceremony at St. Martin's Church on Sunday, 8 December 1907 at Queenstown, Tasmania. He was 35 and his wife Louise was 27. Witnesses to the wedding were Donald Nicholson, Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson and Albert Henry Fooks.1 At this time his occupation was given as a miner.13 Charles lived in December 1907 at Queenstown, Tasmania.14 Charles, aged 37 and Louise Augusta Fooks, aged 29 became the parents of Hubert Nicholson on Thursday, 16 December 1909 at Queenstown, Tasmania.1 The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910.
The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910 (George Gibb Nicholson, Marguerite Danuser, Hubert Nicholson, Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson, Marguerite Nicholson, Euphemia Scott Gibb, Donald Nicholson, Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson, Lousie Augusta Fooks)
(source: B. L. Nicholson)
Charles and Louise lived circa March 1910 at Queenstown, Tasmania.1
Charles' advertisment
Source: Zeehan and Dundas Herald, 30 Oct 1911
Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson was described as He was described as being 5 foot 9 inches with a dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes and a long nose. in 1912. He was a clerk in July 1912.15

On Tuesday, 16 July 1912 he was committed for trial at Queenstown, Tasmania on a charge of fraudulent conversion. The case revolved around an amount of £11 and a mixing of his accounts with the Mount Lyell Tourist Association. Although the Police Magistrate said that if it were up to him he would have acquitted Charles, he ultimately decided the only way to carry out his duty was to send the case onto the Attorney General. He was granted bail of $20.15,16

He listed in the newspaper August 1912 that he sold insurance, new and second-hand furniture, pianos and organs, go-carts and sewing machines; he also leased and sold houses 'without any deposit whatever'.17 Charles and Louise lived in 1914 at McNamara Street, in Queenstown, Tasmania.18

In October 1914 he brought a minor claim against a Mrs Wood concerning payment for furniture delivered.19 Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson petitioned for bankruptcy with liabilities estimated at £590 on 17 March 1915.20,21

His mother died 1915. He was a soldier in 1917.22 Charles and Louise lived in 1917 at at 24 Acland Street in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda.22 Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson was an accountant in 1919.23 Charles and Louise lived in 1919 at at 20 Dryden Street in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda.23 Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson was a salesman in 1922.24 Charles and Louise lived in 1922 at at 5 Clarke Street in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda. Also living in the house was a Donald Nicholson - perhaps his father or brother.24

His father died 24 May 1924 at the age of 89. He was an accountant in 1925.25 Charles and Louise lived in 1925 at at 177 Glenferrie Road in the Melbourne suburb of Glenferrie.25 His body was interred at Springvale Botanical Cemetery at the Melbourne suburb of Springvale. Plot: Church of England, Compartment N, Section 11, Grave 14.26

Charles died in 1930 at the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn.27 After Charles's death, he was remembered as a banker on his son's death certificate 38 years after his death.28


1872BirthChorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester1,2,3
1872BaptismCongregational church, Old Trafford, Lancashire4
1906OccupationQueenstown, Tasmania12
1907MarriageSt. Martin's Church, in Queenstown, Tasmania1
1907OccupationQueenstown, Tasmania13
1907ResidenceQueenstown, Tasmania14
1910ResidenceQueenstown, Tasmania1
1914ResidenceMcNamara Street, in Queenstown, Tasmania18
1917Residence at 24 Acland Street in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda22
1919Residence at 20 Dryden Street in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda23
1922Residence at 5 Clarke Street in the Melbourne suburb of St. Kilda24
1925Residence at 177 Glenferrie Road in the Melbourne suburb of Glenferrie25
Burial at Springvale Botanical Cemetery in the Melbourne suburb of Springvale26
1930Deaththe Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn27


Louise Augusta Fooks (9 Apr 1880-1959)


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    Sergeant Carr did not make any comment, but called evidence.

    Charles H. Whitham, a member of the Tourist Association; said an area of Ground at the King River Gorge was vested in the Association. A survey fee of £11 had been forwarded to the Govement about May 1910. The survey was not carried out, and a refund was applied for. Nicholson, who became secretary of the Association, did not at any time report that he had received a refund. On the 23rd February the secretary was instructed to write and ask about the cheque, and there was a letter in the letter book, dated February 29, addressed to the Surveyor-General. The meeting on February 23 was the last which Mr Nicholson attended as secretary, and he mentioned that he had received a voucher, and after signing it had returned it. Between Septem ber 20 1911. and March 12 1912. accused did not show in the books that he had received £11. When the books were taken over from Mr Nicholson they were examined and found satisfactory. It was not the practice to cash cheques drawn in favor of the Association; they were paid into the Association's credit.

    Cross examined by Mr Cruickshank — Became aware the cheque had been cashed on Tuesday, May 26. Mr Nicholson had not been approached officially by the Association, nor any demand made on him. On June 1 a pay-in slip for £11 was received. The matter was placed in the hands of the police on May 31. The Association had a man working for them and he used to apply to Mr Nicholson for his wages. It would not altogether be unreasonable for a cheque to be cashed and the man paid. Mr Nicholson had mentioned once that he had paid his own cheque for wages.

    Re-examineid — The men had always been paid by drawing cheques on the Association.

    John Arnold, secretary of the Tourist Association, also gave evidence. This was the case for the prosecution.

    Mr Cruickshiuik said that the facts being practically admitted the only questiion was whether Mr Nicholson had muddled the matter, or whether there was any felonious intent. The cheque came on September 23, and at that time wages amounting to £6 7s 6d were due to the man working for the Association.. As there was always a difficulty in getting the signatures of the officers of the Association to the cheques that ware drawn, Mr Nicholson drew has own cheque. His money and the Association's money had got mixed up together. The cheque for the £11 had bean left intact, and had not been used. The letter dated February 29 was written, in, all good faith, the receipt of the cheque having quite escaped his memory. The Association had never approached Nicholson — not a word was said to him. The matter was put into the hands of the police. There was no felonious intent at all on the part of Nicholson. The man had never denied that he received the money.

    The P.M.— When be was told to write the letter that was the time for the thing to be squared up— if he remembered it, of course.

    Mr Cruickshank— Yes, but it had escaped his memory.

    Charles L. C. Nicholson gave evidence thatt he was secretary for the Mount Lyefl Tourist Association, in September last. The voucher for the £11 was received ten days before the cheque came along. The morning after the voucher was received be called on the president of the Association and informed him that the £11 was coming. The cheque came, and was cashed at the bank by either himself or his clerk. He had had trouble previously in getting signatures to cheques
    of the Association, and this cheque for £11 was cashed in anticipation of having to pay out moneys on behalf of the Association. The £11 cheque bad been paid into his (Nicholson's) trust aooount.

    The P.M.— Why was the cheque cashed? — Because the man might come to be paid after the bank had closed, and would want cash.

    Cross-examined — Did not tell the president when the cheque arrived.

    The P.M. said that he thought the only way. he could carry out his duty was by committing accused for trial. He might remark that if the case was entirely in his hands he doubted if he would convict. The papers would be sent an to the Attorney-General.

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