Euphemia Scott Gibb

#180, (circa 1839-25 May 1915)
FatherJames Gibb (c 1796-20 Jul 1864)
MotherChristian Angus (c 1800-)
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Euphemia was born circa 1839 at Aberdeen. She was said to have had a crippled hand, perhaps from birth, and blue eyes.1,2,3 She was the daughter of James Gibb and Christian Angus.

Euphemia Scott Gibb was recorded as living with the Legg family and members of her own family. in the 1841 census at Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen. The 1841 census only recorded adult ages rounded down to the nearest 5 years; her approximate age was recorded as 2 years old. Despite being so young, it isn't clear why she wasn't living with her parents.1

She was recorded as living with her uncle and his wife, another uncle and a visitor in the 1851 census at Church Terrace, Tranmere, Cheshire. She was recorded as being 10 years old.4 Her occupation was recorded as being a scholar in the census.4

On 2 July 1851 it was announced that a Miss E. Gibb had won second prize for English and Geography in mr Lyon's class of junior students at West-End Acadamy, Aberdeen.5

Mr. Robert Sim announced he would reopen the Union Row Academy on 9 August 1859 with Miss Gibbs teaching English, French and Needlework.6 She was a teacher at Mr. Sim's Academy at Union Row, Aberdeen, where she taught English, French and Needlework.7,8

She was listed as living with her sister Margaret's family in the 1861 census at 58 John Street, Aberdeen.2 Her occupation was recorded as being a teacher in the census.2

On Wednesday, 3 July 1861 it was reported in the newspaper that the school she worked for was examined and she had performed well in her work::
Union Row Academy. —This school was examined on Wednesday last. Since last year the number of pupils has been well nigh doubled, and the school has continued richly to deserve the confidence which has been reposed in it. We were particularly struck with the teaching to which the junior classes, under the management of Miss Gibb, had evidently been subjected—the reading of this section meriting attention. Specimens of needlework, writing, and drawing were exhibited, with which the visitors expressed themselves highly pleased. The higher sections, too, gave evidence of having been most carefully taughtthe Rev. Mr Thomson particularly eulogising the accurate knowledge they displayed of Bible History. The Rev, R. J. Brown, Professor Lumsden, and others were present, the former of whom expressed very high opinion of the state of the school. Pieces were also sung at intervals during the day, accompanied on the piano by some of the more advanced pupils, in an exceedingly creditable manner. On the whole, Mr Sim and his able assistants well deserve the success which has hitherto attended them.9

She was a schoolteacher in her early twenties, running a successful private school circa 1862 at Aberdeen.10

The school was exaimed again in 1862 with a similar good result:
EXAMINATIONS OF SCHOOLS. UNION ROW ACADEMY. Wednesday the examination of this Academy, under the charge of Mr Sim, took place. The work of the scholars consisting of writing, figuring, book-keeping, drawing, &c. —was exhibited, and presented very pleasing appearance. Everything was carefully and neatly done, and the books were remarkably clean. The needlework, knitting, and fancy work of all kinds, executed by the young ladies, was very creditable both to themselves and their teacher. Miss Gibb, showing both skill and indefatigable perseverance. The pupils went through their examinations in a very satisfactory manner, and their behaviour was remarkably good.11

She was honoured for her services on 22 June 1864.

Her father died 20 July 1864 at the approximate age of 67.7

She married Donald Nicholson, a bookkeeper, son of Donald Nicholson and Jane Wetherell, on Wednesday, 7 October 1868 at Aberdeen.3,12

Her Seminary at the Mechanics Institute was examined June 1869:
MISS GIBB'S SEMINARY, MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. The annual examination of this seminary took place on Wednesday in the Mechanics’ Hall, when the appearance presented by the numerous pupils was alike creditable tltemselvcs. Mias Gibb and her assistants, and the numerous company of parents, guardians, and others interested, who were present on the oocaaion. The examination was of general and testing kind, and the ready and accurate way in which the answers were given in the various branches testified to the thorough character of the training imparted. The pupils of Miss Reid acquitted themselves very creditably in their performances in duets, trios, &c., on the piano, considering their years. The penmanship to dictation, and otherwise, was fair, and the display of needle and fancy work good. Prominent among these was a fender stool by Miss Robina Reid, a piece in frame by Miss M. B. Moncur and Miss Mary Logan, and piano stool by Miss Grant; but there were many others, excellent in ther way both in embroidery, cushions, cosies, slippers, &c., while the useful in articles of wear seem to get the attention and care which is due.13

In October 1869, Euphemia passed her seminary on to Miss Panton.14

Euphemia Scott Gibb was recorded as the spouse of Donald Nicholson in the 1871 census at 3 Edgar Terrace, Hulton Street, Moss Side, Manchester. She was recorded as being 31 years old. Also in the house was her and Donald's infant son, as well as 5 children from his previous marriage aged 8 to 14.15 Euphemia and Donald Nicholson, aged 37 became the parents of Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson in May 1872 at Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester. Interestingly, the infant's name 'Charles Leigh Clare' is the same as Donald's employer 6 years later (Charles Leigh Clare & Co.) Was Donald repaying a debt of gratitude?.16,17,18 She presumably lived with her spouse Donald at Plumley, Cheshire, in June 1878.19

Euphemia Scott Gibb was recorded as the spouse of Donald Nicholson in the 1881 census at Plumley Moor, Plumley, Cheshire. She was recorded as being 40 yearsold; in the house were also her 5 children.18 Euphemia and her husband Donald arrived at Melbourne on 4 February 1884. The voyage took a long 89 days. It is reported that the ship was popular, and the passengers had an agreeable time at sea.20,21,17

The Nicholsons were granted 90 acres of land at Tasmania on April 1884.22
Donald Nicholson and Euphemia Scott Gibb c1890
(source: B. L. Nicholson)
Euphemia Scott Gibb was the principal of Launceston Training College in 1900.10 The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910.
The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910 (George Gibb Nicholson, Marguerite Danuser, Hubert Nicholson, Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson, Marguerite Nicholson, Euphemia Scott Gibb, Donald Nicholson, Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson, Lousie Augusta Fooks)
(source: B. L. Nicholson)
In January 1910 Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson and her mother Euphemia Scott Gibb enjoyed a three week holiday to the the North West Coast of Tasmania, stopping at the end at Waratah, Tasmania. At the same time, Lily's future husband was also visiting.23 Euphemia and Donald lived in 1914 at Orr Street, in Queenstown, Tasmania.24 Euphemia Scott Gibb was was engaged in home duties in 1914.24

Euphemia died on 25 May 1915 at Queenstown, Tasmania. She died at home.25,26 Her body was interred at Queenstown General Cemetery at Queenstown, Tasmania. She is buried with her daughter Lily..25


OccupationUnion Row, Aberdeen7,8
1861Quotation type 39
1862Quotation type 311
1869Quotation type 313
1914ResidenceOrr Street, in Queenstown, Tasmania24
1915DeathQueenstown, Tasmania25,26
BurialQueenstown General Cemetery, in Queenstown, Tasmania25


Donald Nicholson (6 Jun 1834-24 May 1924)


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