Henry Samuel Cox Fooks

#176, (1 January 1848-9 February 1924)
FatherSamuel Berjew Fookes (27 Aug 1822-2 Nov 1892)
MotherMargaret Sarah Westbrook (13 Sep 1822-11 Jun 1854)
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Samuel Henry Cox Fooks
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Henry Samuel Cox Fooks was likely born on 1 January 1848 at Richmond, Tasmania.1 He was the son of Samuel Berjew Fookes and Margaret Sarah Westbrook. Henry Samuel Cox Fooks may have been born on 11 January 1848 at Richmond, Tasmania.2 He presumably lived with his parents at Impression Bay (now Premaydena), Tasman Penninsula, Tasmania, in 1854.3

His mother died 11 June 1854 at the age of 31. Henry was aged 6 when this happened.4 He presumably lived with his parents at Colebrook Dale, Tasmania, in July 1861.5 He moved to Waratah, Tasmania circa 1870.6 Henry was employed the Mt. Bischoff mining company circa 1870.6

He married Jane Maria Murray, daughter of Kennedy Murray and Hannah Goodall, on Monday, 22 September 1873 at Waratah, Tasmania. He was 25 and his wife Jane was 23.1 Henry Samuel Cox Fooks was a farmer in 1878.1 Henry, aged 32 and Jane Maria Murray, aged 29 became the parents of Louise Augusta Fooks on Friday, 9 April 1880 at the small Tasmanian town of Evandale.7 Henry Samuel Cox Fooks was an overseer at the Mt. Bischoff Tin Mining Company (which he continued at for the next 20 years). in 1887 at Waratah, Tasmania.1

His father died 2 November 1892 at the age of 70. Henry was aged 44 when this happened.

His wife Jane died 22 August 1903 at the age of 52, leaving him a widower at age 55.8

He married Emily Mary Mitchell, at Devonport, Tasmania.3 Henry Samuel Cox Fooks was a catechist from 1917 to 1924 at George Town, Tasmania.6 As of circa 1918, Henry Samuel Cox Fooks was apparently acquired the title of Reverend. At this time his occupation was given as a catechist.6 He moved to Flinders Island in 1918.

Henry would ride "around the island with his pony 'Jacko' and jinker and conducted services in homes, on the jetty, in sheds or in the open air. Occasionally, Tuck Robinson would take them to Cape Barren Island."6 Henry and his wife soon settled in Witemark, buying land and building what was to be the first rectory on Flinders Island.6 He was a catechist in 1923 at Launceston, Tasmania.1

Henry may have died on 9 February 1924 at Whitemark, Flinders Island, Tasmania, at age 76.2

Henry likely died on 10 February 1924 at Launceston General Hospital, in Launceston, Tasmania, at age 76.1 His body was interred at Carr Villa Memorial Park at Launceston, Tasmania. Monumental Cemetery, Plot B9 79.1,9 "After Henry's death his widow gave the land and building to the Church of England and built a small home on the site which is now the doctor's dwelling, here she lived until her death."6 "For the burial of the late Mrs. Fooks an aeroplane specially chartered for the purpose took took the body to Launceston for internment. Mr. and Mrs. Cruickshank, nephew and neice of Mrs. Fooks and the funeral director were passengers on the plane. Motor cars followed the procession to the aerodrome and many wreaths were placed on the casket. In 1938 the new gates to the church grounds were dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. H. Fooks."10
Henry Samuel Cox Fooks and Emily Mary Fooks' headstone
(Source: Dionald Reid)


1848Birth-LikelyRichmond, Tasmania1
1848Birth-CANRichmond, Tasmania2
1873MarriageWaratah, Tasmania1
1887OccupationWaratah, Tasmania1
MarriageDevonport, Tasmania3
OccupationGeorge Town, Tasmania6
1918OccupationWhitemark, Flinders Island, Tasmania6
1918MoveFlinders Island, Tasmania
1923OccupationLaunceston, Tasmania1
1924Death-LikelyLaunceston General Hospital, in Launceston, Tasmania1
BurialCarr Villa Memorial Park, in Launceston, Tasmania1,9

Family 1

Jane Maria Murray (6 Sep 1850-22 Aug 1903)

Family 2

Emily Mary Mitchell (4 Dec 1860-5 Aug 1934)


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