Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson1

#257, (June 1878-14 August 1918)
FatherDonald Nicholson (6 Jun 1834-24 May 1924)
MotherEuphemia Scott Gibb (c 1839-25 May 1915)
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Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson
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Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson was born in June 1878 at Plumley, Cheshire.2,3 She was the daughter of Donald Nicholson and Euphemia Scott Gibb. As of 1879, Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson was also known as Eveline.1

She was recorded as living with her parents, a servant and her brothers Charles, Angus, George and Donald in the 1881 census at Plumley Moor, Plumley, Cheshire. She was recorded as being just 2 years old. Donald was actually her step-brother, the son of her father and her father's first wife.4 Lily arrived at Melbourne on 4 February 1884. The voyage took a long 89 days. It is reported that the ship was popular, and the passengers had an agreeable time at sea.5,6,7

The Nicholsons were granted 90 acres of land at Tasmania on April 1884.8

In September 1907 it was announced that she had successfully coached a number of students through TLondon's Trinity College of Music examinations, some with very high marks.9 She was a witness at the wedding of her brother Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson and Louise Augusta Fooks at St. Martin's Church on Sunday, 8 December 1907 at Queenstown, Tasmania.10 Lily lived in December 1907 at Queenstown, Tasmania.11 The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910.
The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910 (George Gibb Nicholson, Marguerite Danuser, Hubert Nicholson, Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson, Marguerite Nicholson, Euphemia Scott Gibb, Donald Nicholson, Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson, Lousie Augusta Fooks)
(source: B. L. Nicholson)
In January 1910 Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson and her mother Euphemia Scott Gibb enjoyed a three week holiday to the the North West Coast of Tasmania, stopping at the end at Waratah, Tasmania. At the same time, Lily's future husband was also visiting.12 She was a painter; some of her pictures are owned by Nancy Nicholson.13 Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson was a musician.14 Lily lived in 1914 at Orr Street, in Queenstown, Tasmania.14 She was a music teacher in 1915.15

Her mother died 1915.

She married Albert Henry Fooks, son of Henry Samuel Cox Fooks and Jane Maria Murray, at Catholic Apostolic Church on Tuesday, 11 September 1917 at the Melbourne suburb of Carlton. She was 39 and her husband Albert was 35.16,17

Lily died on 14 August 1918 at Lyell District Hospital, in Queenstown, Tasmania, at age 40 after less than a year of marriage.1,18,19 Her body was interred at Queenstown General Cemetery at Queenstown, Tasmania. She is buried with her mother.19


Albert Henry Fooks (14 Mar 1882-25 Jun 1960)


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