George Gibb Nicholson

#260, (20 September 1875-22 December 1948)
FatherDonald Nicholson (6 Jun 1834-24 May 1924)
MotherEuphemia Scott Gibb (c 1839-25 May 1915)
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Descendents of Donald Nicholson
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(For a brief history and context on the Nicholson family see this page)

George Gibb Nicholson was likely born on 20 September 1875 at Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester.1 He was the son of Donald Nicholson and Euphemia Scott Gibb. George Gibb Nicholson was baptized at Congregational church in October 1875 at Moss Side, Manchester.1 He presumably lived with his parents at Plumley, Cheshire, in June 1878.2

He was recorded as living with his parents, a servant and his siblings Donald, Charles, Angus and Lily in the 1881 census at Plumley Moor, Plumley, Cheshire. He was recorded as being 5 years old. Donald was actually his step-brother, the son of his father and his father's first wife.3 His occupation was recorded as being a scholar in the census.3 George arrived at Melbourne on 4 February 1884. The voyage took a long 89 days. It is reported that the ship was popular, and the passengers had an agreeable time at sea.4,5,6

The Nicholsons were granted 90 acres of land at Tasmania on April 1884.7 George received a degree as a Sydney University at Sydney on circa 1892.8
George Gibb Nicholson c.1895
(source: B. L. Nicholson)
George received a degree as a at Balliol college at Oxford on circa 1895.8

George was mentioned for academic achievement: on 2 May 1899:
At the recent Sydney University examinations, George Nicholson, son of Mr. Donald Nicholson, of this city, took the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He took the University medal, Professor Anderson's prize, and first-class honours in logic and mental philosophy, first-class honours in English, French, and German, Professor McCallum's prize for English, and the law studentship of £50 a year for three years. He was equal with the man who obtained the travelling scholarship of £150 for three years, the scholarship being given to the elder man because he was too old to compete again. Young Nicholson was at one lime employed at the Town-hall here, and since going to the Sydney University has, by hard work and perseverance, gained £320 in money prizes alone.9

He was appointed as lecturer in German and French to the University of Sydney on 11 November 1903.10

He married Marguerite Marie Danuser, in 1905.8 George lived in 1907 at at Woolwich Road in the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill.11 The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910.
The Nicholson family posed for a photograph c1910 (George Gibb Nicholson, Marguerite Danuser, Hubert Nicholson, Lily Euphemia Eveline Nicholson, Marguerite Nicholson, Euphemia Scott Gibb, Donald Nicholson, Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson, Lousie Augusta Fooks)
(source: B. L. Nicholson)

His mother died 1915. He was executor of his mother's will in March 1916.12 George and Marguerite (and presumably his spouse Marguerite) lived in 1919 at at Gladstone Avenue in the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill.13 George provided information on the death of his father Donald Nicholson, on 24 May 1924, at at Mount Street in the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill at age 48.14 George lived in 1926 at Hunters Hill.15 In his later years George made a living as Professor of French at Sydney University.8 George was honored with a C.B.E. circa 1940.8 George and Marguerite (and presumably his spouse Marguerite) lived at at 8 Mount Street in the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill. They were living there in the 1940's.

George died on 22 December 1948 at the Sydney suburb of Hunters Hill at age 73.8 His body was cremated on 24 December 1948 at at Northern Suburbs crematorium in the Sydney suburb of Chatswood. Donald probated an amount of £1,627 from his deceasd wife's estate to his son George.16


Marguerite Marie Danuser (1874-Jan 1961)


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