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Frances Jordan was born circa 1874 at the Melbourne suburb of Williamstown.1

She married William Neill, circa 1900.1

Frances, as the mother of the groom, along with William may have attended the wedding of Harold and Violet Agnette Oaten at St. John's Church of England on Saturday, 20 January 1940 at the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell. The marriage was featured on the 'Weddings and Engagements' page of The Age and included a photo.. Others who may have attended include Violet Barbara Cheyne as mother of the bride. Aunts, uncles and grandparents who may have attended include Lydia Amelia Oaten, Charles Henry Oaten, Henry William Oaten, Margaret Mary Oaten, Alice Eleanor Mary Oaten, Winifred Amelia Oaten, Lily Hawthorne Cheyne and Daisy Agnnete Cheyne. Harold and Violet went on to have two children together.2,3

Frances died in 1958 at the Melbourne suburb of Newport.1


1874Birththe Melbourne suburb of Williamstown1
1900Married Name1
1958Deaththe Melbourne suburb of Newport1


William Neill


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