James Reid1

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James Reid
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James Reid was born on 15 April 1815 at Keithhall, Aberdeen.1

James Reid married Margaret Gibb, daughter of James Gibb and Christian Angus, at St. Nicholas on Friday, 27 February 1852 at Aberdeen.1 James Reid was a house carpenter meste in April 1861.2

He was recorded as head of household in the 1861 census with Margaret Gibb as his spouse at 58 John Street, Aberdeen. He was 45 years old. Also living in the house were 5 of their children and his wife's sister Euphemia.2

James died on 6 November 1881 at Aberdeen at age 66.1


1815BirthKeithhall, Aberdeen1
1852MarriageSt. Nicholas, Aberdeen1
1861Census (Scot) 186158 John Street, Aberdeen2


Margaret Gibb (1822-20 Apr 1897)


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