Donald Nicholson

#956, (28 February 1804-10 February 1874)
FatherDonald Nicholson1 (c 1773-5 Jul 1842)
MotherAnn Metcalf (c 1766-25 Jan 1845)
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Descendents of Donald Nicholson
Donald Nicholson's signature from his son Donald's wedding certificate in 1856
(Source: Liverpool Marriages and banns, Reference Number: 283 PLP/3/16)
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Donald was born on Tuesday, 28 February 1804 at Ulverston, Lancashire.2 He was the son of Donald Nicholson and Ann Metcalf.1 Donald lived in May 1824 at Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool.3

He married Jane Wetherell, daughter of John Wetherell and Margaret Parker, at St. Michael in the Hamlet on Tuesday, 11 May 1824 at Aigburth, Liverpool. He was 20 and his wife Jane was 21.3 Donald Nicholson was a hatter in 1832 at Clare Street, Liverpool.4 Donald, aged 30 and Jane Wetherell, aged 31 became the parents of Donald Nicholson on Friday, 6 June 1834 at Liverpool.5,1 Donald Nicholson was a hatter in 1835 at Church Street, Liverpool.6 Donald (and presumably his spouse Jane) lived circa 1840 at Stafford Street, Lime Street Ward, Liverpool.7

He was recorded as head of household in the 1841 census with Jane Wetherell (which other records indicate is his spouse) at Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool. He was 37 years old. The 1841 census only recorded adult ages rounded down to the nearest 5 years; his approximate age was recorded as 35 years old. Also in the household were seven of their children and a servant.8 Donald Nicholson was a hatter in 1843 at 38 Castle Street, Liverpool.9 Donald (and presumably his spouse Jane) lived in December 1843 at Castle Street, in Liverpool.10

Donald Nicholson Donald became bankrupt on 2 December 1843 on 2 December 1843.10 On 19 January 1844 his "goodwill, stock in trade and fixtures" along with house lease was to be disposed of by the Official Assignee. Apparently, Donald was also running a business as a baker and flour dealer.11 On 17 April 1844 Donald Nicholson was scheduled to meet with his creditors at the District Court at 12 noon, and again 90 days later.12,13 On 3 May 1844 Donald Nicholson made his first dividend payment of 8 shillings on the pound.14

He was recorded as head of household in the 1851 census with Jane Wetherell as his spouse at Prescot Road, West Derby, Liverpool. He was 47 years old. Also living in the house were four of their children aged 21 to 10 years old.2 His occupation was recorded as being a bookeeper in the census.2

In what must be astonishingly bad luck, Donald and Jane had four of their daughters die unmarried between 1847 and 1852. Each was between 19 and 22 years old. Donald Nicholson was a hatter in August 1856.15 Donald, as the father of the groom, attended Donald Nicholson and Elizabeth Ann Medhurst's wedding at St. Philip's on Wednesday, 6 August 1856 at Liverpool.15,1,16

He was recorded as head of household in the 1861 census with Jane Wetherell as his spouse at 9 Chapman Street, Manchester. He was 57 years old.17 His occupation was recorded as being a manchester warehouseman in the census.17 Donald Nicholson was a "Milliner and Bookkeeper, Dealer and Chapman" in March 1863.18,19

On 23 January 1863 Donald Nicholson was declared bankrupt for the second time and was forced to surrender himself to the Registrar of the County Court. A first meeting of his creditors was set up for a date 3 weeks hence at Liverpool.19

On 18 March 1863 Donald passed his last examination and had his bankruptcy discharged.18 On 19 December 1863 Donald Nicholson was scheduled to meet with his creditors for an audit at Liverpool County Court, in Liverpool.20

Donald Nicholson was recorded as a boarder in the household of James Sutton and Ann (?) in the 1871 census at 100 Mill Street, Manchester.21 His occupation was recorded as being a salesman for a glass works in the census.21 Donald lived in February 1874 at 57 Hutton Street, Moss Side, Manchester.22 He was a bookkeeper in February 1874.22

Donald died on 10 February 1874 at Moss Side, Manchester, at age 69. He died of bronchitis and senectus (old age). Donald lived to see all but three of his twelve children die, all of them before he was 50..22


1804BirthUlverston, Lancashire2
1824ResidenceWalton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool3
1824MarriageSt. Michael in the Hamlet, Aigburth, Liverpool3
1832OccupationClare Street, Liverpool4
1835OccupationChurch Street, Liverpool6
1840ResidenceStafford Street, Lime Street Ward, Liverpool7
1841Census (Eng) 1841Walton-on-the-Hill, Liverpool8
1843Occupation38 Castle Street, Liverpool9
1843ResidenceCastle Street, in Liverpool10
1843Note CR CR10
1844Note memo only11
1844Note on date12,13
1844Note on date14
1851Census (Eng) 1851Prescot Road, West Derby, Liverpool2
Note memo only CR CR
1861Census (Eng) 18619 Chapman Street, Manchester17
1863Note on date CRCRLiverpool19
1863Note memo only CR CR18
1863Note on dateLiverpool County Court, in Liverpool20
1874Residence57 Hutton Street, Moss Side, Manchester22
1874DeathMoss Side, Manchester22


Jane Wetherell (9 Sep 1802-c Dec 1870)


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