Reverend James Sutherland Babington1,2

#12566, (2 November 1851-2 August 1912)
FatherLieutenant General David Staig Babington1 (c 1820-)
MotherMaria Anne Sutherland1 (c 1820-)
Last Edited25 Dec 2021
A memorial to James Babington
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James Sutherland Babbington may have been born circa 1851 at Hooton, Cheshire.1 He was born on 2 November 1851 at Hoshungabad, Bengal.2 He was the son of Lieutenant General David Staig Babington and Maria Anne Sutherland.1

He married Grace Fookes, daughter of Rev. Samuel Berjew Fookes and Louisa Jean Hobkirk, in a Church of England cermony at St. David's Mission Church Campbell Street on Wednesday, 12 August 1885 at Hobart. He was 33 and his wife Grace was 28. This was the first marriage to ever take place in this church. As was the tradition, she was presented with a bible by the churchwardens. Grace was the daughter of a Church of England minister.. James and Grace went on to have three children together Helen Fookes, Ernest Samuel Fooks and Louis Fookes were also there.3,4,1,2

Samuel attended the ordination of his son-in-law James Sutherland Babbington at St. David's new Cathedral, in Hobart, on the morning of Sunday, 20 December 1885.5

In 1893 James and Grace reported items missing from their property at George Town, Tasmania, including two pairs of woollen socks, dark blue ribbed woollen stockings, and two hundredweight of cut oak firewood.6

James died on 2 August 1912 at Hobart at age 60.2

James was memorialised in his obituary on 3 August 1912:
"The death occurred suddenly yesterday morning of the Rev Mr James Sutherland Babington, for many years a well known figure about Hobart the deceased gentleman, who was 60 years of age, was very popular throughout Tasmania. He had been ill for some time, and was attended to by Dr Gibson. He was ordained a deacon in 1884, and in the following year was admitted to the priesthood by the Bishop of Tasmania. He was incumbent at Port Cygnet from 1881 to 1896, and at Dorset North, now George Town, from 1886 to 1894, and vicar of Kempton 1894-5. Since then he has not been actively attached to any incumbency, though he has held a general license and done a deal of work. For many years he has been chaplain to the Charitable Institution of New Town."7

His will was probated on 7 February 1913. The estate had a value of £606 15s.1


1851Birth-CandidateHooton, Cheshire1
1851BirthHoshungabad, Bengal2
1885MarriageSt. David's Mission Church Campbell Street, in Hobart3,4,1,2
1885Note memo only CR CRSt. David's new Cathedral, in Hobart5
1893Note memo only CR CRGeorge Town, Tasmania6
1912Quotation type 17


Grace Fookes (1 May 1857-9 Oct 1939)


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