Alexander Charles Deane

#269, (4 October 1840-12 April 1912)
FatherKyrl Allen Deane (c 1803-14 Dec 1878)
MotherMary Lucinda Gregg1 (c 1800-10 Dec 1886)
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Alexander Charles Deane c1911
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Alexander was born on Sunday, 4 October 1840 at Cork.2,3 He was the son of Kyrl Allen Deane and Mary Lucinda Gregg.1 Alexander Charles Deane attended school circa 1848 at Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, France. He presumably moved with his parents to Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, circa 1848.4 Alexander arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia, on 15 October 1852 with his father (who called himself 'Allen', his middle name.)2,5,6,7

He married Ann Dunne, daughter of Edward Dunne, on Monday, 4 August 1856 at the Adelaide suburb of Kensington.8 Alexander Charles Deane as a new applicant was apparently granted a licence to run a 'licensed house', The Wheelwright's Arms on 11 March 1857 at Roper Street, in Adelaide.9 However, after only 6 months he transferred the publican's licence to Richard Frederick Frew.10 Alexander and Ann Dunne became the parents of Lucy Deane circa 1859 at South Australia.11 Alexander Charles Deane was was for some years employed with his father on surveying with his cousin, Charles Townsend Hargrave. Afterwards worked in various stations in the far north circa 1860.12 Alexander worked for a couple of years as a shepherd with his future wife Anne Deane.12

His wife Ann died 26 June 1870 at the aproximate age of 38, leaving him a widower at age 29. Alexander Charles Deane was a head attendant & gardener for 42 years in 1870 at Adelaide.2

He married Sarah Shiels, on Thursday, 7 November 1872.13,3

A family member states that the children from Alexander Deane's first marriage were looked after by a woman in Walkerville because the second wife Sarah Sheils didn't want to care for them.13

His father died 14 December 1878 at the approximate age of 78. Alexander was aged 38 when this happened. Alexander was a member of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows, Rose of Sharon lodge, and he was also a member of the Anders I.O.O.F. lodge.. He was Past Grand master.2

Alexander was recognised for his services by his Order on 3 July 1880:

"On Saturday evening, July 3, at the fortnightly meeting of the Royal Rose of Sharon Lodge. G.U.0.0.F., held at the Fountain Inn, Glen Osmond-road, after the usual business had been concluded, D.G.M. Turner, on behalf of the brothers of the lodge, presented P.P. Deane with a handsome writing desk, in recognition of valuable services rendered by him to the lodge. The desk bore the following inscription:—"Presented to P.P. Alexander Charles Deane by brothers of the Rose of Sharon Lodge for past services, July 3,1880." Tbe D.G.M. in presenting the testimonial referred in laudatory terms to P.P. Deane, and urged other brothers to follow in the footsteps of the recipient. Several past officers supported the D.G.M. in his remarks, and P.P. Deane in a few well-chosen and suitable words thanked the brothers for their kind appreciation of his services."14

Alexander lived in December 1880 at Tomsey Street, in Adelaide.15

His mother died 10 December 1886. Alexander was aged 46 when this happened. He as head attendant gave an opinion on the death of an inmate at the Parkside Lunatic Asylum on 30 June 1892.16 He gave a lengthy statement to the Coroner's enquiry concerning the death of a colleague at the hands of an inmate. on 25 April 1895.17 He was head warder circa 1905 at Parkside Lunatic Asylum, in Adelaide.13 Circa 1911 he had a photogragh taken of him with his fellow employees.
Administration Staff

Alexander died on 12 April 1912 at Adelaide at age 71.2,18


1848School attendanceBoulogne-Sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, France
1856Marriagethe Adelaide suburb of Kensington8
1880Quotation type 1Fountain Inn on Glen Osmond Road, in Adelaide14
1880ResidenceTomsey Street, in Adelaide15
1905OccupationParkside Lunatic Asylum, in Adelaide13

Family 1

Ann Dunne (c 1832-26 Jun 1870)

Family 2

Sarah Shiels (c 1850-13 Jan 1927)


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