Edward Smith1

#124, (19 November 1884-26 June 1961)
FatherWalter Thomas Smith (16 May 1851-19 Mar 1930)
MotherLucy Deane (c 1859-May 1943)
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Edward Smith on his wedding day(?) c1914
The Smith Brothers; James at back, Ted (?) and Arthur (?) seated
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Edward was born on Wednesday, 19 November 1884 at the Adelaide suburb of Parkside.2 He was the son of Walter Thomas Smith and Lucy Deane. With the aid of his sons and a Mr. May, Walter Smith buried the bodies of two victims of the Loch Sloy.3 Jim and his brothers Edward and Arthur had their photos taken together c1905.

Edward Smith married Ivy Constance Uphill on Monday, 13 July 1914 at Mt. Gambier, South Australia. They were 29 and 20 respectively.4
Connie and Edward on their wedding day
Source: Alan Pycroft
Edward with the AIF in France he was captured and spent a year as a German POW.5 He was a farmer at Kongerong, South Australia.5 Edward lived in March 1930 at Mt. Gambier, South Australia.1

His father died 19 March 1930 at the age of 78. Edward was aged 45 when this happened.67
The whole Smith family.
Source: Alan Pycroft

Edward died on 26 June 1961 at age 76.7


1884Birththe Adelaide suburb of Parkside2
1914MarriageMt. Gambier, South Australia4
Connie and Edward on their wedding day
Source: Alan Pycroft
OccupationKongerong, South Australia5
1930ResidenceMt. Gambier, South Australia1


Ivy Constance Uphill (15 Sep 1893-18 Jul 1976)


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