Clarissa Littler

#244, (9 June 1841-21 September 1933)
FatherCharles Littler (12 Jan 1806-4 Jul 1869)
MotherAnnie Summers1 (1819-27 Aug 1889)
Last Edited12 Jun 2022
Clarissa Littler
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Clarissa Littler may have been born on 9 June 1841 at Launceston, Tasmania.1,2 She was the daughter of Charles Littler and Annie Summers.1

She married Edward Kennedy Murray, son of Kennedy Murray and Hannah Goodall, at her father's house in John Street on Thursday, 27 June 1867 at Launceston, Tasmania. She was 26 and her husband Edward was 27..3

Clarissa died on 21 September 1933 at Erina Street, in Launceston, Tasmania, at age 92.1 Her body was interred at Carr Villa Memorial Park on 23 September 1933 at Launceston, Tasmania.1


Edward Kennedy Murray (21 May 1840-b Sep 1933)


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