Henry William Murray

#238, (1 December 1880-7 January 1966)
FatherEdward Kennedy Murray (21 May 1840-b Sep 1933)
MotherClarissa Littler (9 Jun 1841-21 Sep 1933)
Last Edited19 Sep 2021
Henry William Murray
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Henry was born on Wednesday, 1 December 1880 at the small Tasmanian town of Evandale.1 He was the son of Edward Kennedy Murray and Clarissa Littler. He initially went to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, but couldn't find work in three weeks, so joined his uncle Henry William Murray who had a wood contract for a local mine.2 Henry William Murray also went by the name of Mad Harry. He was decorated while serving in the military. He was awarded the VC, CMG, DSO and bar, DCM and Croix de Guerre. He was reckoned to be the most highly decorated Australian of the First World War.. He reported for active duty on 1 January 1918.

He married Ellen Purdon Cameron, at Registers Office on Sunday, 20 November 1927 at Auckland, New Zealand..3 At this time his occupation was given as as a farmer. Henry lived in September 1933 at Queensland.4 He reported for active duty on 1 June 1944.

Henry died on 7 January 1966 at Miles Hospital, in Richmond, Queensland, at age 85.5


1880Birththe small Tasmanian town of Evandale1
Note memo onlyKalgoorlie, Western Australia2
Mlt award
1918Mlt active duty
1927MarriageRegisters Office, in Auckland, New Zealand3
1944Mlt active duty
1966DeathMiles Hospital, in Richmond, Queensland5


Ellen Purdon Cameron (c 1885-)


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