Kennedy Murray

#234, (4 August 1799-30 November 1860)
FatherKennedy Murray (24 Aug 1771-18 Jun 1853)
MotherAnne White (c 1771-1853)
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Kennedy Murray
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Kennedy was born on Sunday, 4 August 1799 at Norfolk Island, Australia.1 He was the son of Kennedy Murray and Anne White. Kennedy Murray was baptised on Sunday, 18 August 1799 at Norfolk Island.2

Kennedy emigrated from Norfolk Island circa 1813 on the 'Lady Nelson' with his mother, step-father, younger sister and three younger step-siblings. this was part of the closure of the Norfolk Island settlement.3 Kennedy arrived at Tasmania circa 1813 with his mother, step-father, younger sister and three younger step-siblings.3

He married Sarah McQueen, an Irish immigrant, daughter of Francis How and Catherine Jones, on Monday, 18 January 1819 at Port Dalymple, Tasmania. He was 19 and his wife Sarah was 13..4 Kennedy Murray was poundkeeper, responsible for rounding up stock.5 In his adulthood Kennedy made a living as as a farmer.

In 1835, Kennedy was appointed the inaugural chief constable of 1835.6

He married Hannah Goodall, an irish immigrant, daughter of Francis Goodall and Sarah Goodwin, in a Presbyterian ceremony on Wednesday, 1 May 1839 at the small Tasmanian town of Evandale. He was 39 and his wife Hannah was 24..7,8,9

He was appointed Inspector of Stock for the district of Morven.1011
Prosperous in 1852 by Charles Henry Theodore Costanini
Source: National Portrait Gallery

Kennedy On 12 February 1845 a glowing report about him was published in The Cornwall Chronicle on 12 February 1845:
Too much praise cannot be given to Mr K. Murray, the respected Chief constable of this district, for the great exertions and activity he has recently used in pointing out several dens of the most infamous description on this township-; no stranger could imagine that so much vice and profligacy existed as really does in this locality. Mr. Murray, a few nights ago, succeeded in routing out three most infamous houses, in which scenes of the most revolting profligacy were carrying on ; indeed, the scenes in two of these dens, beggars all description ;— every exertion had been made by Mr. Murray, and the police force under his orders, previously, to put down these houses, but they succeeded in eluding the vigilance of the constabulary, until the present occasion, when so much judgment and discretion were used by the Chief constable, as most effectually to put a stop to all future transactions of a like nature, and reflects the highest credit in Mr. Murray, for the praiseworthy manner in wliich be acted in this as in all other similar occasions.12

On 11 March 1846, Kennedy was appointed as Inspector of Weights and measures for the Police District of Morven.13

Kennedy, aged 51 and Hannah Goodall, aged 35 became the parents of Jane Maria Murray on Friday, 6 September 1850 at Evandale.

His father died in his house Saturday, 18 June 1853 at the reported age of 89.14,15

His son-in-law, Noel Fooks, writing in 1943, recollected that he was 'Hon. Magistrate for Northern Tasmania.16'

In September 1856 Kennedy had a sheep killed and part of the carcass stolen from his property - he offered a 50 pound reward for information that lead to a conviction.17

Kennedy died on 30 November 1860 at Evandale at age 61 after having a leg amputated. His body was interred at St. Andrew's Presbyterian church on 2 December 1860 at the small Tasmanian town of Evandale.

Kennedy A glowing obituary was published:
THE LATE KENNEDY MURRAY .-The remains of the late. Mr. Kennedy Murray were consigned to their last 'resting place in the Presbyterian burial-ground, at Evandale, yesterday afternoon. A large number of friends, besides Immediate family connections, paid the closing tribute of respect and affection to the deceased by following his remains to the tomb. Mr. Murray was born in 1799; he was a native of Norfolk Island, his father having been one of the settlers of that place, and upon its abandonment he, with many others, removed to this island. For about forty years he resided in the vicinity of Evandale, and' took a lively interest in every movement calculated to benefit the district. He was of most industrious habits, and long enjoyed the reward of early toil; and being naturally of a generous and obliging disposition it is not surprising that he secured many friends, by whom his loss will long be felt. About thirty-five years ago he received an injury to one of his legs by falling on a piece of timber; and though the wound soon healed, it always left a morbid tendency that not unfrequently confined him to his bed. On Saturday, 24th ult., which was exeeedingly wet and stormy, he had been superintending some farming operations as usunal, and he took cold which immediately settled in the affected leg. In a short time mortification ensued, and after a medical consultation it was resolved to amputate the limb as the only chance of saving life. The operation was performed by Dr. Casey on Thursday, 29th ult., but the sufferer never rallied and expired on the following day. Mr. Murray was one of the patriarchs of Tasmania, having been the father of seventeen children, sixteen of whom still survive; and he also had the gratification of seeing twenty one grand children growing up around him. Though called away under circumstances so pecurliarly sad, he was patient and resigned to the last, and gave many cheering evidences of a serene and peaceful mind.18


1799BirthNorfolk Island, Australia1
1799BaptismNorfolk Island2
1819MarriagePort Dalymple, Tasmania4
1835Note memo only CR CRthe small Tasmanian town of Evandale6
1841Note memo only CR CR10
1845Quotation type 112
1846Note memo only CR CR13
Note memo only CR CR16
1856Note memo only CR CR17
1860Burial at St. Andrew's Presbyterian church in the small Tasmanian town of Evandale
Quotation type 118

Family 1

Sarah McQueen (15 Jul 1805-b 1839)

Family 2

Hannah Goodall (28 Feb 1815-27 Nov 1904)


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