Henry Joseph Horsnell1

#461, (1846-1927)
FatherThomas Horsnell1 (1811-9 Dec 1856)
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Henry Hosnell 1906
Source: Bob Stephenson
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Henry was born in 1846.1 He was the son of Thomas Horsnell.1

His father died 10 December 1856.2

By January 1857 the Horsnell family was in desperate circumstances and an appeal was made for charity in January 1857:
THE attention of the benevolent Public is solicited to the case of Mrs. Horsnell, widow of the late Thomas Horsnell, of the Long Swamp, near Mulgunnia who was recently killed by a fall from horse, leaving his wife and seven children almost in a state of complete destitution.
Donations will be thankfully received at Carcoar by the Rev. H. Tingcombe, E. J. C. North, N. Connolly, and B. Stimpson, and by W. Farrand, Esq. Free Press Office, Bathurst."3

In 1906 the surviving Hosnell siblings posed for a photograph.4
Hosnell siblings 1906: from left to right, Elizabeth, Lydia, Henry, Sarah, Lucy and Mary.
Source: Bob Stephenson
Henry was employed as a labourer at Wrightville, in the district of Cobar, New South Wales, in November 1910.5

Henry died in 1927.1


1910EmploymentWrightville, in the district of Cobar, New South Wales5


Annie Molloy (-b 13 Nov 1910)


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