Edythe Mary Darby

#127, (23 January 1876-9 August 1957)
FatherGeorge Leonard Darby (c 1850-3 Jul 1926)
MotherMartha Alice Miller (3 Nov 1850-22 Dec 1921)
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Edythe Mary Darby was also known as Edie.1 Edythe was born on Sunday, 23 January 1876 at Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester.2,3,4,5 She was the daughter of George Leonard Darby and Martha Alice Miller.

She was recorded as living with her parents, two boarders and a servant in the 1881 census at 132 Oxford Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester. She was recorded as being 5 years old.3 She lived with her mother at 103 Oxford Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, in April 1884.6

Edythe arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia, on 9 February 1886.2

In December 1892 the Darby family had a grand piano at home, as it was lent for the cause of a fundraiser to build an institute and hall for the 700 or so residents.7 On 5 December 1892 there was a visit by legislators (including an M.P.) to the Darby property at Mylor, South Australia where someone noted that George and his family had the best house in the district. There was perhaps a suggestion that this was inappropriate give George's position in the Land Office. Later that night, George and his wife and daughters contributed items to the programme of the concert in the evening.8 A suggestion that the Darbys had the best house in the district was refuted by a T. Murphy (and in a different newspaper, 'Thomas H. Winkworth') who said that Mr. Hughes had a much finer house and that the Darby House was only 2 stone rooms, like several other houses.9,10

On 5 September 1896 Edythe was an accompanist at a fundraising concert for the Mylor Cricket Club.11

In January 1898 there was a bushfire in Mylor that affected the Darby's place. This occurred on a hot and windy day, and there were about 35 people fighting the fire, which saved the house, trap and horse. In all, about 100 acres were burned. Whilst initial reports said that fruit trees, sheds, clothing etc were destroyed, another correspondent said about a dozen fruit trees were burnt. On the contrary, the worst sufferer seemed to be a Mr. Wake who had moved some of this things to the Darby's that day.12,13

The Darby's sufferred another unsettling incident involving a horse carriage on 4 May 1902:
"SERIOUS VEHICLE ACCIDENT. Mr. G.L. Darby (chief clerk of the Woods and Forests Department), whilst driving to his home from Aldgate station on Monday evening with his daughters, met with a serious accident. The horse stopped suddenly, and in doing so broke a portion of the harness. The animal then bolted round a curve at the foot of a steep hill, throwing out all the occupants of the vehicle. Mr. Darby's ankle was broken, and he was removed to the Adelaide Hospital. His daughters received a severe shaking and abrasions."14,15

She married Sydney Larter Brown, son of Ellen Hall, at Manthorpe Memorial Congregational Church on Monday, 21 July 1902 at the Adelaide suburb of Unley. She was 26 and her husband Sydney was 31.16 Edythe, aged 29 and Sydney Larter Brown, aged 34 became the parents of Lorna Gertrude Brown on Thursday, 3 August 1905 at the Adelaide suburb of Hyde Park.17
Headstone for Edyth Darby and her family 2005

Her mother died 22 December 1921 at the age of 71. Edythe was aged 45 when this happened. She and Sydney Larter Brown put a memorial piece in the paper to her mother, dead one year: ' DARBY. — A tribute of love to the memory of our ever dear mother who passed away on the 22nd December, 1921. . 'Oh, for the sound ot a voice that is stilled.' —Inserted by her loving son and daughter, Syd and Edie.' on 22 December 1922.1

Her father died 3 July 1926 at the approximate age of 76. Edythe was aged 50 when this happened. She was ill with eye disorders; she was nearly blind before death in 1950.

Edythe died on 9 August 1957 at South Australia at age 81.18 She was buried in August 1957 at Cheltenham Cemetery, in Cheltenham, South Australia.5


Sydney Larter Brown (28 Mar 1871-1 Apr 1932)


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