Leonard Watson Darby1,2

#11526, (9 May 1884-24 March 1972)
FatherJames John Darby2 (18 May 1851-11 May 1941)
MotherEliza Maria Watson2 (21 May 1845-19 Jun 1932)
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presumed photograph of Leonard Watson Darby. The photographer, W. H. Hammer, was active in Adelaide c1882 to c1900
(source: M. Willson collection)
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Leonard Watson Darby was born on 9 May 1884 at Mrs. Burton's in Gover Street East, in North Adelaide.2 He was the son of James John Darby and Eliza Maria Watson.2 A photograph was taken circa 1885.
Eliza Maria Darby, Leonard Watson Darby and Charlotte Elza Float (marked 'Fanny Floate Watson')
Source: State Library of South Australia https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/resource/B+27004

Leonard Watson Darby received a pass in the preliminary examinations for Adelaide University at the age of 14 in March 1899.3

Leonard Watson Darby married Edna Lucy Fennell at Friends Meeting House on Wednesday, 3 April 1918 at Eden Hills, South Australia.4

His mother died 19 June 1932 at the age of 87. Leonard was aged 48 when this happened.5 Leonard attended the wedding of Alexander Morris Boyer and his sister Dorothy Josephine Darby at St. Paul's Anglican Church on Saturday, 20 October 1934 at Ambleside, South Australia.6,7,8

Leonard and Edna lived in May 1941 at Handorf, South Australia.5

Leonard died on 24 March 1972 at Hackney, South Australia, at age 87.9


Edna Lucy Fennell (c 1888-15 Jun 1963)


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