William Morrison Nicholson1,2

#15715, (circa 1826-26 April 1922)
FatherJames Nicholson1 (1796-4 Sep 1866)
MotherMargaret McDonald1 (c 1806-b Mar 1851)
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William Nicholson
Source: Ancestry user grace nickel
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William Morrison Nicholson may have been born circa 1824.1 He may have been born circa 1826 at Inverness-shire, Scotland.3 He was the son of James Nicholson and Margaret McDonald.1 William Morrison Nicholson may have been born in 1827 at Inverness-shire.4 As of March 1841, William Morrison Nicholson was also known as William Nicolson.5

He was recorded as living with his parents, a visitor (perhaps his grandfather) and siblings Samuel, Flora, Charles, Mary, Margaret and Isabella in the 1841 census at Duntulm, Kilmuir, Inverness-shire, Scotland. He was recorded as being 14 years old.5

His mother died before March 1851. He presumably lived with his parents at Inverness-shire in 1854.3 He was an agricultural labourer at Liverpool.3

William emigrated from Liverpool on 29 July 1854 on the 'Hornet.3,6' William arrived at Geelong, Victoria, on 23 October 1854.3

He married Anne Lalley, in 1858 at Victoria..7
Nicholson family (from left William Nicholson, Flora Nicholson, John Ross, James Nicholson, Amalia Carlina Koch, Margaret MacDonald, Charles McLean Nicholson Samuel Nicholson)
Source: Ancestry user grace nickel
William provided information on the death of his father James Nicholson, on 4 September 1866, at Durham Lead, Victoria.1,8

His father died 4 September 1866 at the approximate age of 70.

William died on 26 April 1922 at Durham Lead, Victoria.9,10


1826Birth-CandidateInverness-shire, Scotland3
1922DeathDurham Lead, Victoria9,10


Anne Lalley (1830-16 Jun 1896)


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