William John Anderson1

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FatherJohn Anderson Esq.2
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William John Anderson
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William John Anderson was born on 22 May 1842 at Port Louis, Mauritius.1,2 He was the son of John Anderson Esq.2 William John Anderson was a employee of the Mauritian Civil Service in 1864.3

He married Emma Frances Baker, from a Congregational family, daughter of Reverend Edward Knight Baker and Ruth Wayte, on Friday, 24 June 1864 He was 22 and his wife Emma was 21..3

William and Emma were both ill with a fever January 1867 and went to their daughter Euphemie to Grand River, in Port Louis, Mauritius.4

Early in 1868 Emma was "labouring under a sad nervous affection" after the death of her two young daughters, all in the space of a year. She wrote a melancholy poem called 'The Trial' in which she wrote:

'But life, not death
Is mine; like those steep mountains far away
The long years rise before me cold and grey,
To tread with panting breath.5'

Both of her children died young, perhaps giving rise to the suggestion that she died childless.3

His wife Emma died 12 April 1868 at the age of 25, leaving him a widower at age 25.6

A year after Emma died, her widower William published a book of her poems - 'Colonial Poems' - in London. In a preface, he describes her as "a pious, gentle and thoughtful spirit" and reports that she "expressed a wish that her fugitive and scattered verses, some of which had appeared in Australian Periodicals under the signature 'Frances', should be collected and presented in a permanent form to her parents and others whom she had loved".7

He married Mary-Anne Josephine Paddle, on Thursday, 27 October 1870 at Port Louis. He was 28 and his wife Mary-Anne was 25..2,8 William lived on 6 August 1885 at Sydney.2

He married Georgina Marie Augusta Paddle, in 1892 at Hobart..9

William died on 28 September 1917 at Auburn Vale, New South Wales, at age 75.1


1842BirthPort Louis, Mauritius1,2
1867Note memo only CR CRGrand River, in Port Louis, Mauritius4
Note memo only CR CR5
1868Note memo only CR CR3
1869Note memo only CR CR7
1870MarriagePort Louis2,8
1917DeathAuburn Vale, New South Wales1

Family 1

Emma Frances Baker (20 Nov 1842-12 Apr 1868)

Family 2

Mary-Anne Josephine Paddle (25 Oct 1845-1889)


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