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Greta Rust-1932 Nursing School Graduation Hobart
(source: Mike McHugh)
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Greta was born circa 1912.1 She was a nurse circa 1938 at Hobart.1

Greta became pregnant to Gordon Alan Westbrook and had to be sent to Melbourne in 1938 to avoid the scandal due to both his marriage but also their different religions.1

Greta Mary Mavis Rust married Michael George McHugh in July 1939 at Melbourne.1

Greta Mary Mavis Rust and Gordon Alan Westbrook continued to have an affair for more than 20 years, meeting when he came to Melbourne for the Henley Regatta and to spend time with his sons.1
Greta Rust McHugh
(Source: Mike McHugh)


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Family 1

Gordon Alan Westbrook (23 Jan 1887-)

Family 2

Michael George McHugh (c 1910-Mar 1963)


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