Frank Gahan

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Frank Gahan was also known as Francis.

He married Mary Tobin, in 1897 at Sydney..1

Frank was involved in helping Don and Ivy Bourke and Mary Hill organise the Blossom dance and euchre party at at Paddington Town Hall in the Sydney suburb of Paddington on Tuesday, 14 October 1919 in aid of St. Margaret's.2,3 Frank and Marylived circa 1920 at at 56 (now 28) Addison Road in the Sydney suburb of Manly.

Frank and Mary attended a joint birthday party for family friends on Thursday, 14 February 1924 at The Ambassadors, in Sydney, hosted by their next-door-neighbors Joe and Mary Hill.4

Frank died in 1951 at the Sydney suburb of Manly.5


1920Residence at 56 (now 28) Addison Road in the Sydney suburb of Manly
1951Deaththe Sydney suburb of Manly5


Mary Tobin


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