Frances MacKenzie1

#12860, (1846-1939)
FatherThomas MacKenzie1 (Sep 1806-1849)
MotherFanny Nicholson1 (1805-1898)
ChartsNicholson Family 1 - descendants
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Frances MacKenzie was born in 1846 at Parramatta, New South Wales.1 She was the daughter of Thomas MacKenzie and Fanny Nicholson.1

On 4 July 1860 Margaret's mother wrote a letter home to Scotland to her sister Anne giving news of the family, stating "I was left with eight children to provide for, but thank God, they are nearly all able to take care of themselves ... my two youngest, Fanny and Grace, are still at home."2

Frances MacKenzie married James Cardno Weir, son of George Weir, in 1867 at the Sydney suburb of Balmain.1

After the death of mother giving birth to her, Grace was brought up by her aunt, Granny Weir.3

Her mother died 1898 at the approximate age of 93. Her common name was Granny Weir.3
Granny Weir at home.
Source: Merilyn Talintyre

Frances died in 1939 at the Sydney suburb of Drummoyne.1


1846BirthParramatta, New South Wales1
1860Note memo only CR CR2
1867Married Name1
1867Marriagethe Sydney suburb of Balmain1
Note memo only CR CR3
1939Deaththe Sydney suburb of Drummoyne1


James Cardno Weir (1846-1911)


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