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Headstone for Jacob Bush and his wife Martha (nee Darby)
Hunsdon cemetery
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Jacob Bush was likely born circa 1771 at England.2,1,3

Jacob Bush married Martha Darby, daughter of Richard Darby and Sarah Peachy, at St. Dunstan's on Saturday, 31 October 1795 at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.1 "About two miles north-east from Stanstead, in the same hundred (Braughin), stands the pleasant village of Hunsdon, in the parish of its name. From the church, and other positions in the neighbourhood, some beautiful views may be obtained, including the course of the Stort to join the Lea ... The parish [1839] contains about 600 inhabitants." The church stands close to Hunsdon House, nearly a mile south of the village. The walls are of flint rubble with stone dressings, the south chapel being built of brick. This church possesses some exceptionally good details of fittings of the 16th and 17th centuries.4

In Richard Darby's will on 27 January 1821 Richard Darby, Jacob Bush, Martha Darby, Susannah Darby and Jane Darby were named as heirs. Jacob along with his wife Martha were to receive the dividends from £100 for the rest of their lives, and after the last of them had died, to be split between their children..5,6

Richard Darby's will was probated on 20 March 1821 at the Consistorial and Episcopal Court, London. Further to his will, the beqests were all granted along with a further £800 in consolidated stock which was granted to the executors George Darby, Thomas Darby and Joseph Munns. This £800 was redeemed shortly afterwards but it isn't known what was done with it.5

Jacob Bush married Sarah Brown at St. Dunstan's on Monday, 16 June 1823 at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.7 Jacob and Martha lived in 1829 at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.3 Even though Martha Darby had died only 8 years after her father, her husband Jacob Bush lived a good many more years; if her children had seen any inheritance from thier grandfather, it would not have been until late in life. Jacob lived in 1846 at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.3

Jacob died at the reported age of 75 on 30 September 1846.3 He was buried on 4 October 1846 at St. Dunstan's, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.2


1795MarriageSt. Dunstan's, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire1
1823MarriageHunsdon, Hertfordshire7
1829ResidenceHunsdon, Hertfordshire3
Note memo only
1846ResidenceHunsdon, Hertfordshire3
1846BurialSt. Dunstan's, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire2

Family 1

Martha Darby (16 Feb 1765-12 Mar 1829)

Family 2

Sarah Brown


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