James William Frederick Wade1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

#12190, (20 August 1863-4 February 1932)
FatherJames William Wade14 (18 May 1837-18 Nov 1875)
MotherMaria Charlotte Smith14 (29 Jan 1838-c Oct 1927)
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James William Frederick Wade was born on 20 August 1863 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,14 He was the son of James William Wade and Maria Charlotte Smith.14 James lived in 1871 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.4,14

He was recorded as living with his parents and siblings, Walter, Samuel and Charlotte in the 1871 census at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. He was recorded as being aged 7 years.15 James lived in 1881 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.8,14 He was baptised on Saturday, 14 April 1883 at Cahersiveen, County Kerry, Ireland.14

James William Frederick Wade married Ellen O'Leary on Sunday, 29 April 1883 at Cahersiveen, County Kerry. They were 19 and 18 respectively.14 James lived on 5 April 1891 at Cheriton, Kent. he resided in a military establishment.7,14

James William Frederick Wade was at Strensall Camp Rifle Meeting on 12 August 1895 at Strensall, Yorkshire.14 He was at Strensall Camp Rifle Meeting on 3 July 1899 at Strensall, Yorkshire.14

James William Frederick Wade embarked with 2 Bn Lincolnshire Regiment for South Africa. on 4 January 1900 at Southampton.14 He landed in South Africa on 25 January 1900 at Cape Town.14 James lived on 11 July 1900 at Zilikat's Nek, South Africa. he was wounded.1,14 He was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal on 27 September 1901 at Zilikat's Nek.14 James lived in 1901 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.3,14 He was the Colour Sergeant, 2nd Bn, Lincolnshire Regt on 28 February 1902 at Fort George, Saint Pierre Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands.14

James William Frederick Wade was discharged, Colour Sergeant 2nd Bn, Lincolnshire Regt. on 1 July 1902 at Guernsey, Channel Islands.14 James lived on 1 July 1902 at 99 Wynyard Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield. Rgis followed his discharge.14 He was a time keeper in a steel works on 4 March 1903 at Sheffield.14 James lived in 1905 at 24 Laird Road, Wadsley, Sheffield. He was listed in Whites Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham, 1905.14 He was a Commissionaire in 1905.14 James lived in 1911 at Wadsley, Sheffield. He was listed in White's Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham 1911.14 James lived on 4 September 1914 at 262 Burton Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.14 He was a timekeeper on 4 September 1914.14

James William Frederick Wade enlisted - Private 3/8434, 3rd Bn, Lincolnshire Regt on 5 September 1914.14 He was promoted to Colour Sergeant on 5 September 1914.14 He was promoted to Company Sergeant Major on 16 September 1914.14 He was promoted to Warrant Officer Class 2 on 29 January 1915.14 He had an entry in Thomas Wards Memorial Book of the Great War in 1919 at Sheffield.14 He was a Steelworks Commissionaire on 3 February 1932.14 James lived on 3 February 1932 at 35 Poole Road, Sheffield.14

James died on 4 February 1932 at Sheffield at age 68.9,12,14


1863BirthGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,14
1871ResidenceGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk4,14
1881ResidenceGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk8,14
1883BaptismCahersiveen, County Kerry, Ireland14
1883MarriageCahersiveen, County Kerry14
1891ResidenceCheriton, Kent7,14
1895Note CR CRStrensall, Yorkshire14
1899NoteStrensall, Yorkshire14
1900Note CR CRSouthampton14
1900NoteCape Town14
1900ResidenceZilikat's Nek, South Africa1,14
1901NoteZilikat's Nek14
1901ResidenceGreat Yarmouth, Norfolk3,14
1902NoteFort George, Saint Pierre Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands14
1902Note CR CRGuernsey, Channel Islands14
1902Residence99 Wynyard Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield14
1905Residence24 Laird Road, Wadsley, Sheffield14
1911ResidenceWadsley, Sheffield14
1914Residence262 Burton Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire14
1914Note CR CR14
1932Residence35 Poole Road, Sheffield14


Ellen O'Leary (17 Oct 1864-23 Mar 1902)


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