Thomas Darby

#11860, (1757-7 March 1833)
FatherRichard Darby1 (c 1731-7 Feb 1821)
MotherSarah Peachy1 (c 1730-1 Oct 1779)
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(For a brief history and context on the Darby family see this page)

Thomas Darby was born in 1757.2 He was the son of Richard Darby and Sarah Peachy.1 Thomas Darby was baptised at St. Peter's on Sunday, 12 March 1758 at Roydon, Essex.1 The church has walls of flint and rubble, and probably dates back to at least 1260. Historically, Roydon was a parish of scattered farms and cottages, with open fields and common meadows. There were 105 ratepayers named in 1734, and the population was 667 in 1801. On the north and west, rivers form the parish and county boundaries.3

He may have attended the wedding of his brother in the marriage of Richard Darby and Anne Brett in a Church of England ceremony at St. Peter's on Thursday, 8 June 1775 at Roydon, Essex. Both Richard and Anne signed the wedding certificate. They went on to have four children together.4,5

He married Elizabeth Perry, in a Church of England ceremony at St. Peter's on Monday, 14 September 1778 at Roydon, Essex.. Others attending the wedding may have included Sarah Peachy as mother of the bride and Richard Darby Brothers and sisters who may have attended include Richard Darby, Martha Darby, Benjamin Darby, Jane Darby and Susannah Darby. Elizabeth and Thomas went on to have 11 children together over 17 years.6,5

In Benjamin Darby's will Richard Darby and Thomas Darby were named joint executors by Benjamin to handle his estate on 3 April 1798. Benjamin stated he was "weak in body but of sound mind memory and understanding (praised be God)". The majority of his will was left to his wife, his father and to his son.. Thomas was also charged with providing for his young nephew Richard through a hundred pound bequest, joint administered through Thomas' father Richard (young Richard's grandfather)..7

Benjamin Darby's will was probated on 16 February 1799.7

Thomas and Elizabeth Darby attended the wedding of George Darby and Elizabeth Aylott in a Church of England ceremony at All Saints and Saint John on Tuesday, 22 April 1800 at Hertford. They also signed the marriage certificate as witnesses.8,9

In Richard Darby's will George Darby, Thomas Darby and Joseph Munns were named joint executors by Richard to handle his estate on 27 January 1821.10,11

His father died February 1821 at the approximate age of 90.

Richard Darby's will was probated on 20 March 1821 at the Consistorial and Episcopal Court, London. Further to his will, the beqests were all granted along with a further £800 in consolidated stock which was granted to the executors George Darby, Thomas Darby and Joseph Munns. This £800 was redeemed shortly afterwards but it isn't known what was done with it.10

He made a will on 9 July 1830. The will specified that all of his posessions were to go to his wife, and then after her death it was to all be sold and divided amongst his children equally.. Thomas Darby and William Darby were named as executors. (an unknown value.)12 Thomas Darby was a farmer on 9 July 1830.6

He made a codicil to his will on 5 August 1830. The codicil added that after the will was executed his children were to each generally pay 20 pounds each back to his executors, who would then divide the amount into three and give the resulting amount "for the use of my children which are these three William Darby, Elizabeth Brown and Susannah Bush for their own use and benefit in addition to their shares as before mentioned they not having had so much assistance from me". It is suspected that Thomas did not actually have a daughter Susannah, but referred to another close member of his family. He also bequeathed 40 pounds to the maintenance of Elizabeth, the daughter of his late son Benjamin..12 Thomas lived in 1833 at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire. At the time of his death, it was recorded that he was a resident of Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.13

Thomas died on 7 March 1833 at Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, at the reported age of 76.6 "About two miles north-east from Stanstead, in the same hundred (Braughin), stands the pleasant village of Hunsdon, in the parish of its name. From the church, and other positions in the neighbourhood, some beautiful views may be obtained, including the course of the Stort to join the Lea ... The parish [1839] contains about 600 inhabitants."14

He was buried on 7 March 1833 at St. Dunstan's, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire.1,15 The church stands close to Hunsdon House, nearly a mile south of the village. The walls are of flint rubble with stone dressings, the south chapel being built of brick. This church possesses some exceptionally good details of fittings of the 16th and 17th centuries.14

Thomas's will was probated on 9 August 1833. Thomas' wife Elizabeth died less than three years later, and his property was sold (and presumably the proceeds divided up as he specified) in accordance with his will and codicil..16

Thomas ' house was due to be sold at auction on 22 July 1836:
"FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, HUNSDON, HERTS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY E. GOODWIN, AT THE FOX AND HOUNDS, HUNSDON, HERTS, On WEDNESDAY. August 10th, 1836, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in One Lot, By direction of the Trustees, for Sale under the Will of the late Mr. Thomas Darby, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, A CONVENIENT and respectable Freehold Dwelling-House, with immediate possession, situate near the Village of Hunsdon, containing 2 parlours, 2 principal sleeping-rooms, 3 garrets, kitchen, brewhouse, pantry, large yard, garden, stables, and other out-buildings. May be viewed on applying to Mr. Wm. Darby, on.the Premises, of whom particulars may be had; at the Inns in the Neighbourhood; and of E. Goodwin, Harlow, Essex July 22, 1836."17


1758BaptismSt. Peter's, Roydon, Essex1
1778MarriageRoydon, Essex6,5
1833ResidenceHunsdon, Hertfordshire13
1833DeathHunsdon, Hertfordshire6
1833BurialSt. Dunstan's, Hunsdon, Hertfordshire1,15
1836Quotation type 117


Elizabeth Perry (c 1755-20 Apr 1835)


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