Jane Campkin1,2

#11712, (circa 1740-before 7 June 1810)
FatherThomas Campkin3 (c 1715-)
MotherAnn (?)3 (c 1715-)
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Jane was born circa 1740 at England. She was the daughter of Thomas Campkin and Ann (?)3 Jane Campkin was baptised on Wednesday, 28 December 1740 at Pirton, Hertfordshire.4,3

She married Samuel Aylott, son of William Aylott and Sarah Munt, in a Church of England ceremony at All Saints and Saint John on Sunday, 27 May 1764 at Hertford. At the time of their marriage, neither Samuel or Jane could write..5,6,7 The city of Hertford dates back to at least 673, and was an important market town surrounded by agricultural land. From the late 16th century, it had access to the London corn markets via the River Lea. All Saints church was built in the 15th century with a cruciform plan and a west tower. However, it burnt down in 1891.

Jane and Samuel Aylott became the parents of Elizabeth Aylott circa 1777.8

In Samuel Aylott's will, His wife Jane Campkin was named sole executor by Samuel to handle his estate on 15 May 1795.9

The will of Samuel Aylott, in which Jane Campkin, Samuel Aylott, John Aylott and Elizabeth Aylott were named as heirs was proved on 13 May 1796. His will was very particular, in that his wife would remain the benficiary as long as she didn't remarry; if she did , then their 5 children were to receive the value of his estate (which his will indicates was valued at more than £200). His three unmarried children were to receive £10 each on attaining the age of 21.9 Jane lived in May 1803 at Parish of St. John, Hertford.10

She made a will on 28 May 1803. Samuel Aylott and Sarah Aylott were named as executors. (an unknown value.)10

Jane died before 7 June 1810.10

Her will was probated on 7 June 1810. Her son Samual and daughter Sarah were named as the beneficiaries; Samuel was to receive "household furniture plate and linen" for "his own use and profit". Sarah was to receive Jane's wearing apparel. The costs of the funeral were to come from her estate.. It is unknown why her other childern (at least three of whom died after Jane) were not beneficiaries..10


1740BaptismPirton, Hertfordshire4,3
1764Married Name8
1764MarriageAll Saints and Saint John, Hertford5,6,7
1803ResidenceParish of St. John, Hertford10


Samuel Aylott (26 Dec 1737-Sep 1795)


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