Murdough Daniel Nicholson1

#11663, (29 March 1921-12 November 1967)
FatherMurdock Henry Ernest Winton Nicholson1 (30 Dec 1888-1 Mar 1950)
MotherLillian Beatrice Thomas1 (24 Sep 1898-8 Jul 1972)
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Murdough Daniel Nicholson was born on 29 March 1921 at Richmond, Queensland.1 He was the son of Murdock Henry Ernest Winton Nicholson and Lillian Beatrice Thomas.1

Murdough again got in trouble on 15 October 1935:
Nicholson Murdock Daniel was arrested and charged - stealing in a dwelling; J. K. Rawlins; released under Section 19, C. C. to the care of his mother on entering into a bond to come up for sentance if called upon for one year; Children's Court, Monto, Queensland ; Act. Sergeant Robinson.2

Murdough fell foul of the police early in life: in 1935:
Nicholson Murdock Daniel; stealing; D. S. Malone; admonished and discharged; Children's Court, Monto, 26-9-1935; Constable P.H. Wiles and Act. Sergeant W. Robinson.2

He was a truck driver.2 Murdough was a gunner with the CCD Artillery in the Second World War.1

Murdough Daniel Nicholson married Ann Morfydd Howells circa 1950.2 Murdough Daniel Nicholson was a dozer driver in 1954.3 Murdough and Ann lived in 1954 at Avon Downs, in Clermont, Queensland.3 Murdough Daniel Nicholson was a motor driver in 1958.3 Murdough and Ann lived in 1958 at 63 Hedley Avenue, in Toombul, Queensland.3

Murdough died on 12 November 1967 at Brisbane at age 46.3 His body was interred at Albany Creek Memorial Park and Crematorium in November 1967 at Brisbane.3


1921BirthRichmond, Queensland1
1935Quotation type 1Monto, Queensland2
1935Quotation type 1Monto, Queensland2
1954ResidenceAvon Downs, in Clermont, Queensland3
1958Residence63 Hedley Avenue, in Toombul, Queensland3
1963Residence-hideToombul, Queensland3
1967BurialAlbany Creek Memorial Park and Crematorium, in Brisbane3


Ann Morfydd Howells (3 Mar 1914-a 1980)


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