Henry Watson1

#11522, (26 June 1802-16 July 1894)
FatherWilliam Watson2
MotherMartha Waterhouse2
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Henry Watson
Source: State Library of South Australia B 11174
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Henry Watson was born on 26 June 1802 at Yorkshire.1,3 He was the son of William Watson and Martha Waterhouse.2

Henry Watson married Charlotte Eliza Float on Tuesday, 5 April 1836 at England. They were 33 and 23 respectively.4,3

At the age of 36 Henry and his wife Charlotte emigrated from Gravesend, Kent, on 31 October 1838 on the "Katherine Stewart Forbes."2 Henry and his wife Charlotte arrived at Glenelg, South Australia, on 21 March 1839. the family had brought with them a pre-fabricated house that they had bought in London. Remarkably, the house is still standing and is the oldest ston ehouse in South Australia.2

Henry Watson was a merchant in a business venture he started styled Hack, Watson, & Co.2

However, Henry had a serious financial setback:
Under Wakefield's colonization scheme, adopted in the foundation of the State, all the money required for setting the new colony on its feet was to be obtained for sales of land, and it does not seem to have been sufficiently noted (says Mr. Lloyd in a letter accompanying the gift) that in a new country the residents would require shelter for themselves and their goods, as well as certain public works, and money for the payment of public servants. The consequence of the absence of funds the young province got into a serious position, and in the poverty and misery of the cataclysm in Governor Gawlers time all the members of the Adelaide Chamber of Commerce, with two exceptions, had to declare themselves insolvent. Messrs. Hack, Watson, & Co. were among the unfortunate losers. They had taken stock and valued their property at £30,000. but they came out of the Court stripped of their all.had to make a fresh start, and never fully recovered their former positions.2

He was Chief Clerk of Customs in 1841.5

However, in early 1849 he was removed from his position in the customs service in what was seen as an unfair political move.5

On 21 March 1849, 10 years to the day after arriving in the colony, Henry took up his original occupation as a chemist and druggist.2 He was a chemist.6

Henry, as the father of the bride, along with Charlotte may have attended the wedding of Edith and John Darby, a clerk, at the residence of George Wright on Saturday, 12 October 1878 at the Adelaide suburb of Woodville. Edith was 25 and her husband John was 24.. Others who may have attended include Jessie Nicholson as mother of the groom and Thomas Darby as father of the groom. Edith and John went on to have nine known children together.1 Henry lived in September 1880 at North Adelaide.7

Henry died on 16 July 1894 at North Adelaide at age 92.3


1838Emigratn-newGravesend, Kent2
1839Immigratn-newGlenelg, South Australia2
Quotation type 32
1849Note memo only CR CR5
1849Note memo only CR CR2
1880ResidenceNorth Adelaide7
1894DeathNorth Adelaide3


Charlotte Eliza Float (22 Dec 1812-10 Mar 1892)


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