James Murray1

#11399, (circa 1819-15 September 1878)
FatherKennedy Murray1 (24 Aug 1771-18 Jun 1853)
MotherAnn Parker1 (Jul 1785-4 Nov 1862)
Last Edited9 May 2020
James Murray and wife
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James Murray was born circa 1819 at Hawkesbury, New South Wales.2 He was the son of Kennedy Murray and Ann Parker.1

Kennedy Four children of Kennedy and Ann were admitted to an Male Orphan School at Cabramatta on 22 October 1823:
Resolved that the four children of Murray aged from 3 to 10 years whose mother died insane at Castle Hill, and whose father is stated to be now insane be admitted into the school

However, it is almost certain that Ann wasn't dead and that there is no record that Kennedy was ever admitted to the asylum. The oldest son John probably remained with his father.3,4

On 13 February 1832, at about the age of 13, James was released to work for Henry Books.5

James Murray married Jane Carter in 1843.5 James Murray was an epileptic.6 He was a bullock team driver.5

In 1864 he suffered a fall from his wagon and developed epileptic fits; he was committed to at Gladesville Hospital for the Insane in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield.5,6

James died on 15 September 1878 at Parramatta, New South Wales.1


1819BirthHawkesbury, New South Wales2
1832Note memo only CR CR5
1864Note memo only CR CR at Gladesville Hospital for the Insane in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield5,6
1878DeathParramatta, New South Wales1


Jane Carter


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