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Richard bede Adrian c1900
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Richard Bede Adrian was born in 1857 at Sydney.1,2

He reputedly bought a number of grave plots in at Randwick Cemetery in the Sydney suburb of Randwick in circa 1870 and his family continue to be buried in them more than 100 years later.3

Richard Bede Adrian married Elizabeth O'Brien, daughter of George Edward O'Brien and Charlotte Holmes, at St. Stephen's Cathedral on Thursday, 29 August 1878 at Brisbane.4,5,1 Richard Bede Adrian was a tobacconist.2

Richard Bede Adrian married Mabel Elizabeth Brooks in 1913 at the Sydney suburb of Petersham.1

Richard died in 1927 at Sydney.2


1870Note memo only CR CR at Randwick Cemetery in the Sydney suburb of Randwick3
1878MarriageSt. Stephen's Cathedral, in Brisbane4,5,1
1913Marriagethe Sydney suburb of Petersham1

Family 1

Elizabeth O'Brien (c 1857-6 Nov 1896)

Family 2

Mabel Elizabeth Brooks (c 1892-c 1970)


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