Eliza Holmes Hill1

#1251, (5 January 1857-after July 1876)
FatherHenry Hugh Hill1 (c 1827-27 Jul 1878)
MotherBridget Holmes1 (c 1823-7 May 1862)
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(For a brief history and context on the Hill family see this page)

Eliza was born on Monday, 5 January 1857 at Melbourne.2 She was the daughter of Henry Hugh Hill and Bridget Holmes.1 Eliza Holmes Hill was baptized at St. James' Old Cathedral on Wednesday, 21 January 1857 at Melbourne.2 She presumably lived with her parents at Latrobe Street, in Melbourne, in 1858.3

Her mother died 7 May 1862. Eliza was aged 5 when this happened.4 At the age of 6, Eliza left Sydney on Friday, 21 August 1863. She was travelling with her father and her two older siblings on the James Patterson to Rockhampton, where her father was to marry his second wife, her Aunt Maria.5,6

The children of Henry travelled with him to Bowen, but it seems that when he departed for Rockhampton they did not go with him, perhaps remaining in Bowen in unknown care, or returning to Sydney to by cared for by their aunts, uncles and grandparents.7

Eliza died after July 1876.1,8

Henry reluctantly reported that his daughter Eliza was of unsound mind and gave her up into custody. Henry said he was "greatly afraid she will do herself some serious harm" and reported that she had made at least two suicide attempts and that he had placed her under restraints, but sometimes she had got away. She was sent to Rockhampton Reception House for a month.9

Elizal was transferred from Mackay to Rockhamption on 20 October 1876:
"The following prisoners arrived from Mackay and Broadsound yesterday by the Yaralla : Eliza Hill, unsound mind, sentenced to one month's medical care and treatment in the Rockhampton Lunatic Reception House ..."

The Yaralla left Mackay on 18th October.10

Her father died 26 July 1878. Eliza was aged 21 when this happened.


1857BaptismSt. James' Old Cathedral, in Melbourne2
1876Note memo only CR CR9
1876Quotation type 210


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