Marianne Goodall Murray1

#1072, (9 January 1853-7 May 1910)
FatherKennedy Murray (4 Aug 1799-30 Nov 1860)
MotherHannah Goodall (28 Feb 1815-27 Nov 1904)
Last Edited7 Jan 2020
Marianne Goodall Murray
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     Marianne Goodall Murray was also known as Maryanne Goodall Dora Murray.2 NOTE: The information on this page is my research to date and is subject to change as I become better informed. I very much welcome any corrections or additional info you might have - my email address is at the bottom of this page. Whilst historical facts are not copyright, my writing about these facts are. If you wish to use any text from this site on Ancestry or on any other website, please ask me first - Tim Hill.
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Marianne was born on Sunday, 9 January 1853 at the small Tasmanian town of Evandale.2 She was the daughter of Kennedy Murray and Hannah Goodall.

She married Arthur Alfred Littler, son of Charles Littler and Annie Summers, at Trafalger on Monday, 5 November 1877 at the small Tasmanian town of Evandale. She was 24 and her husband Arthur was 26.3,4,5,6

Marianne died on 7 May 1910 at Waratah, Tasmania, at age 57.7 Her body was interred at Waratah Old Cemetery in May 1910 at Waratah, Tasmania.28
The grave of Jane Maria Murray, Marianne Goodall Murray, Louis Augustus Littler and Colin Arthur Ponsonby Littler at Waratah Old Cemetery, Waratah, Tasmania.
(Source: Julian Hawley (photograph by Eric Fooks))


Arthur Alfred Littler (12 Mar 1851-25 Feb 1921)


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