John Gerald Breheny

#973, (17 May 1910-11 February 2009)
FatherJohn Leslie Breheny (29 May 1867-13 Nov 1944)
MotherDora Fookes Reid (6 Feb 1881-12 Mar 1967)
Last Edited20 Apr 2022
Source: Parliament of Tasmania biography
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John was born on Tuesday, 17 May 1910 at Toowoomba, Queensland.1,2 He was the son of John Leslie Breheny and Dora Fookes Reid. He presumably lived with his parents at Bridge Street, in Toowoomba, Queensland, in 1913.2 John Gerald Breheny was also known as Jack.3,2 He presumably lived with his parents in 1922.2 He was a bank officer with the Bank of Australia from 1927 to 1950.3,2 John lived in 1936 at Stanley, Tasmania.2

John Gerald Breheny began military service on Wednesday, 29 May 1940 at Perth, Tasmania, at age 30.1,4 With the He was a Corporal with the 2/3 Machine Gun Battalion.4 Brothers John and Brian were both captured by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore and were part of the POW workforce on the infamous Burma Railway.4,2 He was released from active duty on 10 January 1946.1,4 John lived in 1954 at the Bridge Hotel, in Stanley, Tasmania.2 He was a state parliamentarian from April 1951 to April 1972, and was Government Whip for three years.4,2 He was Hi was a local councillor in Ulverstone, Tasmania, from 1976 to 1991 in 1976 at Ulverstone, Tasmania.5

John died on 11 February 2009 at Ulverstone, Tasmania, at age 98.2 His body was interred at St. Andrew's Anglican at Perth, Tasmania.2


1910BirthToowoomba, Queensland1,2
1936ResidenceStanley, Tasmania2
1940Military StartPerth, Tasmania1,4
1946Military Discharge1,4
1954Residencethe Bridge Hotel, in Stanley, Tasmania2
1976OccupationUlverstone, Tasmania5
2009DeathUlverstone, Tasmania2
BurialSt. Andrew's Anglican, in Perth, Tasmania2


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