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#75, (circa 1910-1964)
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Paddy Armstrong, Winkie and Jeanne Marie Louise Augusta Nicholson c1938
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James was born circa 1910. However, despite his given name he was known widely as Paddy.

James was born to a wealthly Western Districts farming family.2

He married Jeanne Marie Louise Augusta Nicholson, daughter of Charles Leigh Clare Nicholson and Louise Augusta Fookes, in 1936.3

Their niece Barbara Nicholson would stay with the Armstrong family in the summers at Portland; on one occasion when she about 8 she was caught in a rip and nearly died, and was rescued by her father.2 James lived circa 1950 at Portland.2

James died in 1964.3


1915Known as
Note memo only CR CR2
Note memo only CR CR2


Jeanne Marie Louise Augusta Nicholson (18 Jul 1910-23 Sep 2003)


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