Sydney Larter Brown

#585, (28 March 1871-1 April 1932)
MotherEllen Hall1 (11 Jan 1835-1 Jan 1889)
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Sydney Larter Brown
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Sydney was born on Tuesday, 28 March 1871 at McLaren Vale, South Australia.2,3 He was the son of Ellen Hall.4,1 As of 1902, Sydney Larter Brown was also known as Syd.5

He married Edythe Mary Darby, daughter of George Leonard Darby and Martha Alice Miller, at Manthorpe Memorial Congregational Church on Monday, 21 July 1902 at the Adelaide suburb of Unley. He was 31 and his wife Edythe was 26..4

Sydney, aged 34 and Edythe Mary Darby, aged 29 became the parents of Lorna Gertrude Brown on Thursday, 3 August 1905 at the Adelaide suburb of Hyde Park.6 Sydney Larter Brown and Edythe Mary Darby put a memorial piece in the paper to her mother, dead one year: ' DARBY. — A tribute of love to the memory of our ever dear mother who passed away on the 22nd December, 1921. . 'Oh, for the sound ot a voice that is stilled.' —Inserted by her loving son and daughter, Syd and Edie.' on 22 December 1922.5

Sydney died on 1 April 1932 at Adelaide at age 61.2


Edythe Mary Darby (23 Jan 1876-9 Aug 1957)


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