Martha Sarah Grogan1

#504, (13 February 1900-November 1972)
FatherDaniel James Grogan (1860-25 May 1942)
MotherMargaret Evyline Nicholson (1873-9 Mar 1946)
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     Martha Sarah Grogan was also known as Martha Grogan.2 NOTE: The information on this page is my research to date and is subject to change as I become better informed. I very much welcome any corrections or additional info you might have - my email address is at the bottom of this page. Whilst historical facts are not copyright, my writing about these facts are. If you wish to use any text from this site on Ancestry or on any other website, please ask me first - Tim Hill.
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She is remembered as being a tiny lady and very pretty, always very organised and busy, as a result her house was always spotless. She was very devout in her beliefs and devoted to her grandchildren.1 She was likely born on 13 February 1900 at Australia.1 She was the daughter of Daniel James Grogan and Margaret Evyline Nicholson. Martha Sarah Grogan may have been born on 6 November 1900 at Mount Hope, New South Wales.3

Martha Sarah Grogan married William Henry Burgess on Thursday, 2 October 1919 at Sunnycorner, New South Wales, Australia.1 Martha and Williamlived circa 1960 at the Sydney suburb of Auburn.1

Martha died in November 1972 at age 72.1


Note memo only CR CR1
1900Birth-CandidateMount Hope, New South Wales3
1919Married Name1
1919MarriageSunnycorner, New South Wales, Australia1
1960Residencethe Sydney suburb of Auburn1


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