Mary Nolan McLennan1

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Mary Nolan McLennan
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Mary Nolan McLennan was born in 1885 at Narrandera, New South Wales.2

She married William Henry Hosnell Nicholson, son of James Brown Nicholson and Lydia Horsnell, at Shuttleton in 1907 at Nymagee, New South Wales..3

William was granted a lease of 18,000 acres off Wirlong Station for the purpose of holding stock he needed for his butchering trade. In the early days of the lease William and Mary would often spend a weekend on Glenwood with no long-term grazing ambitions. However, as the town of Shuttleton went into decline, William and Mary spent more time at Glenwood and eventually built a house there.4

The original house was burned down in 1918 and another built soon after. In 1917 William became the first landholder in the Nymagee district to grow a crop and although he had more failures than successes, he persevered putting a crop in every year.4 Mary and William lived in 1930 at Shuttleton, New South Wales.5 The Nicholson's were a hard-working family but like most people of their generation enjoyed a simple social life with a love of sports; especially tennis, cricket and anything to do with horses. Tennis and cricket were played at Glenwood and dances held in the woolshed and the "Big Room" at night.4

Mary died on 11 June 1960 at Nymagee, New South Wales.5 She was buried at Roman Catholic cemetery, in Nymagee, New South Wales.5


1885BirthNarrandera, New South Wales2
1907MarriageShuttleton, in Nymagee, New South Wales3
1907Married Name3
1910Note memo only CR CR4
1918Note memo only CR CR4
1930ResidenceShuttleton, New South Wales5
Note memo only4
1960DeathNymagee, New South Wales5
BurialRoman Catholic cemetery, in Nymagee, New South Wales5


William Henry Hosnell Nicholson (1882-18 Mar 1969)


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