Olive Jessie Olliver1

#353, (7 December 1896-3 June 1982)
FatherWilliam Donald Olliver (3 Jul 1873-29 Jul 1937)
MotherElizabeth Moore
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Jessie Oliver c1919
(Source: M. Martensz)
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Olive was born on Monday, 7 December 1896 at Cessnock, New South Wales.2 She was the daughter of William Donald Olliver and Elizabeth Moore. As of circa 1897, Olive Jessie Olliver was also known as Jessie.3 They moved circa 1902 to Murrin Murrin, Western Australia, The children travelled with their mother to join their father.4 A picture was taken circa 1904 of William and Elizabeth and their family in Coolgardie, Western Australia. The photo says on the obverse "... the houses were built of hessian and white washed inside. The children sometimes had a ride home on camels, owned by Afghans who used the camels to carry goods. Mr. Olliver was a skilled blacksmith and coach builder."3
William Donal Olliver, Elizabeth Moore and family Coolgardie c.1904
Source: Mary Martensz (mary.martensz@yahoo.com) Aug 2013
They moved circa 1909 to Parkes, New South Wales.4 She presumably lived with her parents at 2194 Varden Street, in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, in 1910.5

She married Mathew Albert Cantrill, on Wednesday, 8 May 1918 at Cessnock, New South Wales. She was 21 and her husband Mathew was 21..6,7

A group photo was taken of some of the Olliver family an unknown date .8

Olive died on 3 June 1982 at Cessnock, New South Wales, at age 85.7


1896BirthCessnock, New South Wales2
1918Married Name6,7
1918MarriageCessnock, New South Wales6,7
1982DeathCessnock, New South Wales7


Mathew Albert Cantrill (20 Aug 1896-8 Jan 1968)


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