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Susan Howard was born in 1864 at Flackwell Heath, Buckinghamshire.1 She was a servant at Bath.1

Susan Howard married Edwin Oaten Chappell, son of Edwin Chappell and Harriet Oaten, at Holy Trinity Church on Friday, 18 June 1886 at Bath.1

Susan and her husband Edwin emigrated with their two children from England in 1889.1 Susan and her husband Edwin arrived at Australia in 1889.1

Susan Howard was a shop-keeper of a second-hand shop in 1892 at East Street, in Rockhampton, Queensland.2 Susan and Edwin lived on 28 April 1892 at corner of Fitzroy and Bolsover Streets, in Rockhampton, Queensland.2 Susan and Edwin lived circa 1898 at North Rockhampton, Queensland.3 Susan Howard was described as with blonde or fair hair with a slight build, inclined towards scoliosis in old age. Her eyes were possibly blue.1 Susan and Edwin lived in 1901 at Splitters Creek, in near Rockhampton, Queensland.1 Susan and Edwin lived at in the vicinity of Rockhampton, Queensland. After the death of their daughter Alice, Edwin then built another home for Susan to take her away from the creek site. A street in Rockhampton is known as Chappell Street and is somewhat near to where Edwin and Susan had their property.1

Susan died on 30 June 1947 at General hospital, in Rockhampton, Queensland.1 She was buried on 1 July 1947 at Rockhampton cemetery, in Rockhampton, Queensland.1,4


Edwin Oaten Chappell (2 Jun 1861-2 Jun 1920)


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