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Susannah Leah Jackson was born on 30 August 1859 at the Sydney suburb of Glebe.2

She married Thomas Augustus Lloyd, at St. Barnabus' on Tuesday, 10 June 1879 at Sydney. She was 19 and her husband Thomas was 33.1 Susannah Leah Jackson and Thomas Augustus Lloyd were divorced in 1892.1

Their divorce was reported in the paper on 26 February 1892:

Mr Noble appeared for the petitioner, Susannah Lloyd, who sought a divorce from her husband Thomas Augustus Lloyd, on the ground of cruelty and adultory There was no appearance for the re- spondent. The parties weremarried on the 18th June 1870, at St Barnabas Church, Parramatta street, Sydney, and they lived happily together for about six months. When they were living at Bathurst the respondent was very cruel to petitioner and used to beat her. On one occasion respondent took out a knife to his wife and threatened her and in consequence of this she left her husband. Petitioner had to earn her living for six months, but she returned to her husband upon his solicitations. They lived together for three years and a half during which time respondent illtreatedd his wife. He then deserted
her and went to Queensland with a woman. He remained away for five years and a half, when he returned to Sydney and petitioner consented to rejoin her husband, but respondent subsequently committed adultery and she left him finally

His HONOR found the issues proved, and granted a decree nisi."3

Susannah Leah Jackson married John Cooper in 1893.1


1859Birththe Sydney suburb of Glebe2
1879MarriageSt. Barnabus', in Sydney1
1892Quotation type 23

Family 1

Thomas Augustus Lloyd (14 May 1846-1918)

Family 2

John Cooper


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