Charles Henry Darby1

#12585, (29 November 1838-December 1838)
MotherLouisa Darby1 (10 Mar 1818-8 Dec 1838)
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Charles Henry Darby was baptized at St. Mary the Virgin on Thursday, 29 November 1838 at Walkern, Hertfordshire.1 The village lies off the main road in the valley of the Beane on the road to Watton. It is fairly large and somewhat straggling, the church, rectory and school, and Walkern Place, a 17th-century farm-house of timber and plaster lying at the north end. Nearby is a small castle of the mount and bailey type, thrown up possibly by Hamo de St. Clare in the reign of Stephen.The church of St. Mary The Virgin stands to the north-east of the village on the east bank of the River Beane. It is built of flint rubble with dressings of Barnack stone and clunch. The original church consisted probably of a chancel and nave. The former has been wholly rebuilt, and the earliest part of the existing church is the nave, which dates from the 11th century and is probably part of the pre-Conquest church.2

He was the son of Louisa Darby.1

Charles died in December 1838.1 His body was interred at St. Mary the Virgin on 14 December 1839 at Walkern, Hertfordshire. He was buried on the same day as his mother.1


1838BaptismSt. Mary the Virgin, Walkern, Hertfordshire1
1839BurialWalkern, Hertfordshire1


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