Eliza Darby1

#12579, (9 October 1815-before April 1881)
FatherRichard Darby1 (c 1780-c 9 Feb 1851)
MotherLetitia White1 (1789-c Jun 1870)
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Eliza Darby was born on 9 October 1815 at Greensted-juxta-Ongar, Essex.1 Greensted is situated in a large natural clearing in Epping forest. The Ongar road is mentioned in The Caturbury Tales. The village was part of the area under Danish law, and in 1801 had a population of 102. In 1839 it was estimated to have 289 acres of arable land and 325 acres of meadows and pasture.2

She was the daughter of Richard Darby and Letitia White.1 Eliza Darby was baptized at St. Andrews on Sunday, 5 November 1815 at Greensted-juxta-Ongar, Essex.1 Greensted Church has been situated in its idyllic setting for nearly 1,200 years; St. Andrews is the oldest wooden church in the world, and perhaps the oldest wooden building in Europe. It is also said to have been the resting place of unknown early crusader who is said to have arrived, badly wounded, at the church and died there.3

She was recorded as living with her parents and younger siblings Elizabeth and Henry in the 1841 census at Holmes Farm, Walkern, Hertfordshire. She was recorded as being 25 years old (rounded down to the nearest 5 years).4

Eliza Darby married Richard Woollard, son of Thomas Woollard, at St. Mary the Virgin on Thursday, 2 March 1843 at Walkern, Hertfordshire.1 The village lies off the main road in the valley of the Beane on the road to Watton. It is fairly large and somewhat straggling, the church, rectory and school, and Walkern Place, a 17th-century farm-house of timber and plaster lying at the north end. Nearby is a small castle of the mount and bailey type, thrown up possibly by Hamo de St. Clare in the reign of Stephen.The church of St. Mary The Virgin stands to the north-east of the village on the east bank of the River Beane. It is built of flint rubble with dressings of Barnack stone and clunch. The original church consisted probably of a chancel and nave. The former has been wholly rebuilt, and the earliest part of the existing church is the nave, which dates from the 11th century and is probably part of the pre-Conquest church.5

In Richard Darby's will on 30 September 1850 Henry Richard Darby, Elizabeth Darby and Eliza Darby were named as heirs. The estate consisted of 'farming stock goods chattels and personal estate' and a small amount of cash; overall, it was valued at less than three hundred pounds.. But not immediately; Richard's widow Letitia and Thomas Playl were granted all of Richard's estate (except for twenty pounds bequeathed to his son Henry Richard) for the purposes of carrying on the running of the farm as long as they thought it viable. When it was no longer thought viable, it was to be sold and a third given to Letitia and the other two-thirds divided between his three surviving children..6

Eliza died before April 1881.1


Richard Woollard (c 1817-c Mar 1892)


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