Mary Margaret Mason1

#1047, (circa 1799-15 August 1853)
FatherJoseph Mason2 (c 1770-)
MotherSarah Raynor2
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Mary Margaret Mason's signature from the certificate of her wedding to Samuel Westbrook
(Source: Event Date: 1 Apr 1820; Parish: St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney; Borough: Tower Hamlets)
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Mary was born circa 1799.1 She was the daughter of Joseph Mason and Sarah Raynor.2 She was probably baptised at St. Anne Limehouse on Sunday, 9 June 1799 at Tower Hamlets, London.2

She married Dr. Samuel Westbrook, son of Henry Westbrook and Sarah Taylor, at St. Dunstan's and All Saints on Saturday, 1 April 1820 at Tower Hamlets, London. Witnesses to the wedding were Margaret Scott Westbrook and Ethel(?) Price..3 Mary's child Margaret received her baptism at St. Dunstan's and All Saints on Thursday, 10 October 1822 at Tower Hamlets, London.4,5,6 Mary and her husband Samuel arrived at Swan River, Perth, Western Australia, on 31 May 1829. They came via Rio de Janeiro with 47 passengers.7

However, it seems that the Swan River District was a considerable disappointment:
"On Saturday last the long expected Calista arrived from England, via the new settlement at Swan River. The accounts brought by this ship of that place are far from satisfactory. The proposed colonization would seem to be a total failure ... The entrance to Swan River was found totally inaccessible, even to boats ; there being not more than four feet water upon the bar over which it unceasingly broke. The stores, and every thing else taken from the shipping, was therefore of necessity landed upon the beach, and carried a long distance across the land to the river inside the bar, to be again embarked in boats for conveyance to the proposed settlement, some 8 or 10 miles up the river. But the very worst part of the "Peel Colony," (as Mr. Hume called it in Parliament) is that the country itself seems to be altogether unsuited for the residence of man. The land is barrenness itself. Sand, sandstone, and granite, with- out an acre of good land, as far as observation has gone. The want of water is also most seriously felt; instead of those purling streams, and bubbling springs, which the London papers spoke of, the only bubbling appears to have been that which the Peel folks effected. In a word, the whole scheme seems to be an entire failure of the most unqualified description."8

Further describing the circumstances:
"The expectations of the settlers were somewhat disappointed, the quality of the soil not being near equal to what they had been led to anticipate; several exploring parties had been into various parts of the interior, but all the good land they had met with was reckoned not to exceed 3,000 acres. Two distinct settlements had been formed, one about twelve or thirteen miles up the River, which had been named Perth, and where Captain Stirling had pitched his head-quarters ; the other, close to the mouth of the River, had been called Fremantle. At Perth they were busily engaged in building dwelling-houses and stores, but at Fremantle they were all residing in canteens brought out from England. They were greatly in want of artificers."9

Aparently Samuel thought he might buy some land in the area but he continued on to Hobart. The conditions may have something to do with it, as might of his continuing role as the Calista's doctor. But perhaps the most important consideration might be family; his mother, probably widowed, emigrated to Hobart two years before and had endured a shipwreck.9,10 Mary and her husband Samuel arrived at Hobart on 24 October 1829.7,11

She presumably moved with her husband Samuel to Launceston, Tasmania, circa 1830.12

Samuel and Mary had their house struck by lightning on 19 November 1832:
"During a thunder storm at Launceston, on Monday last week, the lightning struck the residence of Dr. S. Westbrook, doing considerable damage to the building and household articles, but happily without striking or doing any personal injury to any of the inhabitants."13

She and Dr. Samuel Westbrook moved to Clifton House, in New Norfolk, Tasmania, on 17 February 1835.14

By 1838 they had had seven children, 6 of whom survived until adulthood. She presumably lived with her spouse Samuel at Pittwater, Tasmania, in 1852. Thwy were to remain here for another eleven years.15

Mary died on 15 August 1853 at Sorrell, Tasmania.16,17,1,18 Her body was interred at St. George's Anglican Church on 22 August 1853 at Sorrell, Tasmania. Her headstone reads "In memory of Mary Margaret, the beloved wife of Samuel Westbrook, surgeon of this parish, who died August 1853 aged 54 years".17,1


1799Baptism-LikelySt. Anne Limehouse, Tower Hamlets, London2
1820MarriageSt. Dunstan's and All Saints, Tower Hamlets, London3
Quotation type 28
Quotation type 29
1832Quotation type 113
1835Move-newClifton House, in New Norfolk, Tasmania14
1853DeathSorrell, Tasmania16,17,1,18
1853BurialSt. George's Anglican Church, in Sorrell, Tasmania17,1


Dr. Samuel Westbrook (13 Jun 1795-2 Mar 1866)


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