Milton John Barrett

#885, (22 November 1923-28 October 2004)
FatherHenry John Barrett (1874-Jul 1955)
MotherLily Hawthorne Cheyne (23 Jul 1884-Aug 1948)
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Milton was born on Thursday, 22 November 1923 at the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy.1 He was the son of Henry John Barrett and Lily Hawthorne Cheyne.

Milton John Barrett married Nancy May Sheldrick circa 1945.2 Milton lived in 1985 at the Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill.

Milton died on 28 October 2004 at the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir at age 80.3


1923Birththe Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy1
1985Residencethe Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill
2004Deaththe Melbourne suburb of Reservoir3


Nancy May Sheldrick (21 Nov 1922-2 Mar 2008)