Jane Holmes

#292, (circa 1837-12 May 1918)
FatherWilliam Hyde Holmes1 (1794-1 Jul 1864)
MotherEllen O'Donnell1 (c 1806-11 Jan 1865)
ChartsDescendents of Robert Holmes
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Jane was born circa 1837 at Ireland.1 She was the daughter of William Hyde Holmes and Ellen O'Donnell.1

Jane emigrated from Liverpool on 27 October 1841 on the 'Champion' with her parents and siblings (both biological and adopted.)1,2,3,4 After a voyage of 108 days Jane arrived at Sydney on 12 February 1842. During the voyage 5 sailors committed mutiny but were eventually released by the Attorney General.1,2,3,4

She presumably lived with her parents at Princes Street in The Rocks, in Sydney, in 1843. It is not clear that the entry refers to this family, but is a reasonable speculation given that Bridget and her husband claimed to live in this same street ten years later.5 She was a witness at the wedding of Henry Hugh Hill and her sister Maria Holmes at the manse in a Presbyterian ceremony on Tuesday, 1 September 1863 at Rockhampton, Queensland. The wedding between a widow and his deceased wife's sister may have been a practical arrangement, but it was regarded by many as deeply morally suspect within the Church of England.6,7,8 Jane Holmes and Margaret Holmes were found on a passenger list on 5 November 1863 from Rockhampton to Brisbane.9

Her father died 1 July 1864 at the approximate age of 70.

Her mother died 11 January 1865 at the approximate age of 65. Jane lived in 1900 at at 225 Forbes St. in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst.10 Jane and Maria lived in 1901 at Darlinghurst.11 Jane lived in 1901 at Darlinghurst. Also in the house was her sister's son Joseph.12 Jane lived in 1908 at at 196 Bourke St. in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst.13 She was a dressmaker in 1908.13 Jane lived in 1913 at at 163 Cathedral Street in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst.14

Jane died on 12 May 1918 at the Sydney suburb of Balmain South.15,16 Her body was interred at Field of Mars cemetery on 14 May 1918 at Ryde. Presbyterian, E, 314.17


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